Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sweet & Simple Saturday Post #4

I can't believe this is week 4 of this series already! That means that summer is going by way, way, way, WAY too fast. I haven't even touched my to-do list yet!! Well, mostly because it is still all mental, so technically, I haven't even MADE my to-do list yet. Panic mode just turned on!!

Anywho, today's simple freebie is a phonics/spelling sort for the sounds of suffix /ed/:

The students will cut out the words at the bottom, sort them, and then write a sentence using one of the words. Short and simple. Just click on the picture of the document to download it! 

I hope those of you that teach phonics/spelling in the early grades are able to use this!

Happy Saturday! :)


  1. Love this! We talk about this all the time in my classroom! Thanks!!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

  2. I am loving this series-- I want to do some simple upper grades freebies! :) You inspired me!

    ☼ Kate
    To The Square Inch

    1. Woohoo!! Nice to see you over here again, Kate! :) Can't wait to check out your freebies and pass them on to my upper grade friends.