Sunday, July 28, 2013

Labels for Math Manipulatives

Yesterday was an INCREDIBLY productive day! Thanks to my sweet husband, I got to spend several hours alone in my classroom while he spent some quality time with our 3-year-old.

 My book bags have been washed and hung back up! Our white board towels have also been washed and returned to their proper place.

I used the cute letter stickers I bought from Hobby Lobby to label my clipboard bucket. Love how it came out and (even more) LOVE how easy/fast it was!

I use dollar store buckets and command hooks to store our 100s charts and foam dice on the wall next to my math bins. I wanted this location but didn't have a surface to put the buckets on, so this is my solution! :) Labeled the containers today.

The rest of my classroom time was spent reorganizing THOUSANDS of number cards (seriously!) that we used last year. Let me break it down for you....

73 numbers included in one set of cards x 3 cards per number x 14 sets of cards = 3,066 cards!! 

And it only took me 8 hours.
But since I am such an OCD organizational freak, I really enjoyed it. :)

Anywho, after I got home I organized some less cumbersome sets of number cards and then whipped up this:

There are 36 labels included in the pack. (You can find a detailed list of the labels in the product description on TPT or TN.) If you enjoyed yesterday's Sweet & Simple Saturday label freebie, then you will enjoy the rest of the labels!

I can't wait to print the labels and start sticking them on my containers!! But that will have to wait until tomorrow because I am typing this post at 3:00 a.m.......... ;)

You can check out the labels by clicking below:

Have a beautiful Sunday! :)


  1. On my wish list. Love the clipboard basket. Great post!

  2. Love the buckets on hooks! Pinning this now!

    The Math Maniac

  3. I love the labels-so cute!
    Stacey B

  4. I love the idea of using command hooks for your buckets!!! So stinkin' smart!

    1. Thanks, Amy! Wish I would have thought of it sooner! :)

  5. I bounced over here from Pinterest, and just subscribed. The labels are on my wish list. :)

  6. Where did you get the clipboard basket?


    1. I bought it a few years ago from Walmart, though it may have been The Dollar Tree. I am pretty sure it was Walmart though... :)

  7. I love the letters on the clipboard bucket :) So CUTE!

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures in Teaching (A First Grade Blog)
    My TpT Store

  8. Such cute items! I love all your pointers and labels!

    Go Fourth and Inspire