Friday, July 5, 2013

Fun Finds Friday!

I have been shopping nearly every day this week, even online! :O This is what my guest room now looks like:

YIKESVILLE, I know. I did A LOT of shopping this past week! All of this loot is from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Target, Really Good Stuff, Mardel, and Dollar Tree.

The time pocket chart was on sale at Really Good Stuff! So were the water pens (I have big plans for those). I am ELATED about the ten-frame dry erase boards, especially since I already have magnetic two-color counters! The back of the board is blank.

Sight word stuff from RGS. I have some plans for the adorable and fun sight word bracelets. There is a different list on each set of bracelets.

The storage bag was a free sample from RGS! I am super excited about the ten-frame/part-part-whole dry erase boards!!!! There's also 10 fun little five-frames and the cell phone valentine cards. Those were a HUGE hit with my last class because it has a scratch-off message. Figured I'd get them again since they were dirt cheap!

The cute pizza games were on sale, too! The Geo Shapes Outlines have some GREAT potential!

This is my Mardel loot--insects bulletin board set, butterfly and frog life cycle figurines, hundred charts (for calendar time), mini-hundred chart stickers (for math notebooks), pattern cards, fun tape, a magnet and rings set (for my wee one), student number lines, and transparent counters.

Also on sale at Mardel.

Michaels and Hobby Lobby stuff. You've already seen the crocodile and baseball in this past Monday's Monday Made It.

From Michaels! It was only 2 bucks!

The tray came from the Hobby Lobby party section, the ladybugs from Michaels, and the erasers from Target.

Stuff from Target. The digital camera bookmarks will make a great addition to the treasure box, the basket is to hold my ginormous erasers for writing, and the stickers are for sticker stories, ten-frames, rewards, etc.

Random beach ball from somewhere, paint brushes, coconut trees, tape, and mini easel from Hobby Lobby. The easel also has a chalkboard on the back. I was thinking of using it to display AR quiz numbers for books we have read together. It would go on the computer table.......I guess I need another since I have 2 computer tables.......back to Hobby Lobby!! :) :) :)

More from Hobby Lobby! Dowel rods for my pointers, pom-poms for my wee one, and the container.......

...for letter magnets!! The letter magnets included uppercase and lowercase, as well as numbers. Those are from Mardel.


The sentence strips were $1 at Michaels and the stickers are from Hobby Lobby. I used the stickers on my pointer storage bucket.

These were also $1 at Michaels. Love the simple time match cards! The alphabet ones are for my wee one.

How cute is this little owl and the tray??! For the guest room! Any ideas for what else to put on the tray...?? That's all I got.

Also from Hobby Lobby for my wee one's playroom. Isn't he cute?!

Dollar Tree loot--I haven't decided what to do with the vests yet, but I am thinking something to do with science. I also bought army men for counters, cute yellow baskets and a green bucket, measuring cups and cookie sheets for math, ping pong balls for an undetermined reason, spatulas for center games, and containers for base-10 blocks storage.

Stay tuned to see what I do with all of this stufffff!!! :)

And don't forget to come by tomorrow for your freebie!


  1. wow! What awesome stuff you got! I plan on doing just a tad bit of shopping today ;)


  2. Wow! You did some shopping. Suggestions for tray: a book, puzzle game like at cracker barrel, picture frame or candle

    1. Thanks, Jessica!! Totally should have been able to come up with those ideas on my own! :P I think I may try a picture frame!

  3. Replies
    1. I HAVE and so have you in your classroom!!!

  4. You sure were busy!!! I actually was *this close* to buying that same comforter at Target. But the green didn't match the green we already had in the room it was for. But I love it! So cute!!!

    Teaching in Room 6

    1. Man, we could have been comforter twinkies!! ;)

  5. Wow, I can't wait to see what you do with all that fun stuff! And can I say, I love your Chevron comforter!!


    1. Got the comforter from Target, the greatest place to shop on Earth!!

  6. Well mercy honey have you dropped yet?! Lol you definitely were on a mission. I love following your blog and your instagram. Happy Friday


    1. Haha, haven't dropped just yet! Must. Keep. Going. ;)

  7. Wait does Really Good Stuff have an actual store or did you order all that stuff? I love their stuff and always spend so much when I place my order before school starts :)

    1. As far as I know, they don't have an actual store--I would LOVE to know if they ever open one!! Can you imagine how much MORE you would spend by being there??! Dangerous, haha!