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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Place Value Notebook Package UPDATED (again!)

Upper elementary friends, this just happened:

This was among the first products I EVER made and it is by far one of the most purchased from my store! Because of that, I decided that it was (long past) time for a facelift and some updating.

So out with the old and in with the new! And here is a reminder of the OLD, by the way:
ICKKKKKK, right?!!

Not only did I update the fonts and pictures, but I also added in some more differentiation and made the pages easier to print/cut out. If you have already purchased it, download it again and ENJOY the updates! If you haven't seen it/purchased, click below to check it out:

To celebrate its new look, this product will be discounted through Thursday! :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Place Value Notebook Package

One of my most popular products has finally been updated! The place value notebook package previously covered the ones period to the millions period--it now includes ones to BILLIONS. If you have purchased this product, please go back to TN or TPT and redownload for your updates! :)

Click below to check it out!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Fractions Math Notebook/Journal Package

It. Is. FINISHED!!!!!!

It has almost been 1 year since I posted a huge notebook pack like this! Or, really.....any notebook pack. 1st grade has kept me quite busy. :) I am really excited about this pack (I wish I had this all put together a 2 years ago when I was teaching 4th. Oh, well!).

Here are some sample pages for your viewing pleasure:

The 230-page pack includes:
  • fraction identification/recognition
  • equivalent fractions
    • fraction strips template and instructions/activity
    • printable fraction strips
    • equivalent fractions notebook pages
    • equivalent fractions reference cards
    • equivalent fractions match foldable
    • equivalent fractions card game
    • dice game
  • operations with fractions
    • addition/subtraction foldable
    • addition/subtraction/multiplication/division foldable
    • 2 addition games with 3 different versions of each game
  • comparing fractions
    • comparison foldables
    • comparison posters
    • fraction sort
    • comparing fractions mat and cards
    • cross multiplication explanation (for the teacher)
    • cross multiplication notebook pages
  • fractions on a clock
    • clock foldables (with labels)
    • fractions on a clock sort
  • fractions of a dollar
    • money foldables
  • mixed numbers/improper fractions
    • mixed numbers notebook pages
    • mixed numbers/improper fractions notebook pages
    • proper/improper fractions foldable
  • fractions on a number line
    • number line notebook pages
    • number line foldable
    • fraction benchmarks notebook page
    • number line match-ups
  • fractions vocabulary
    • vocabulary cards
    • vocabulary posters
    • vocabulary foldable templates
    • Frayer model vocabulary foldable
Whew!! That's a lot! You can purchase this item from either store by clicking below:

AND, what's a new product post without a giveaway, right??! You can enter for a chance to win a FREE copy of this pack! I am changing up my normal giveaway routine. Just follow these 2 simple steps in my "Pick Me! Instagram Giveaway:

1. Follow @frogsandcupcakes on Instagram.
2. Share the photo below and tag #pickmefractions.
3. I will announce 3 randomly chosen winners on Friday evening!
You can also get a copy of the photo from my Facebook page. If you are using a mobile device, save the photo or take a screenshot. Be sure to tag it #pickmefractions!

This is a GREAT time to sign up for Instagram if you haven't already!! :)

Happy Instagramming {it's totally a word}! Can't wait for you to see the pack! :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sweet & Simple Saturday Post #1

Welcome to the FIRST ever Sweet & Simple Saturday post!! Thanks for stopping by!

This Saturday's freebie is a template to help you create the following geoboard manipulative.

As stated in the photo, these geoboards are the PERFECT addition to your interactive math journals or geometry unit, or can be made just for fun! This is a manipulative students will make and take ownership of AND is one that can be sent home! All you need is the template, paper, card stock, brads, a rubber band, and a little bit of patience. The finished geoboard can be stored in a pocket or envelope and then placed in a math journal or notebook.

1. Glue the grid template to a piece of colored paper that is slightly larger than the grid.

2. Push the brads through the grid at each intersection. In the template, I have included a thick border around the grid so you are able to place more brads than I did on the sample geoboard. Woohoo!

3. Glue the grid to a larger piece of paper. (You may want to tape the edges for an additional reinforcement.) Allow time for the glue to dry before using.

4. Enjoy!

Grab your copy of this freebie by clicking on any of the pictures. Come back next Saturday for another freebie! Annnnnd come back in between now and then for some more fun and ideas! ;)

If you have a sweet & simple freebie to share with others, please link up below!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Math Notebooks REVISITED!!

My math notebooks have been THE most popular pins from my blog and the topic I get asked most about! The notebook packages I have in my store are my most popular items! That being said, I MUST revisit them!

Notebooking is something that I am very passionate about! I have loved being able to share them with you (and receiving such wonderful feedback from you about them). It is really encouraging to know you're doing something right!!! I am feverishly working on getting all of the contents of my notebooks available to you because you have been asking for them for monthsI have no new pictures of the notebooks themselves to share, but I do have some additional resources available.

First up is this cute little pocket!!:

This pocket includes all of the tools you see (and yes, they all fit into the pocket!).

To view the Tool Pack click below:

I then took the components from the measurement section of my math notebooks (PLUS a few new things) and combined it with the tools pack to develop this package:

If you are doing math notebooks I think you will be REALLY pleased with this package!!!

To view the Notebook package click below:

First 3 to comment will receive a free copy of the Tools + Notebook Package!! Don't forget your email address!! :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Multiplication Properties Foldable FREEBIE

Are you tired of freebies yet??! I have another one for ya!! :)

You may have come across pictures of my math notebooks at one time or another. We made the following foldable back in the fall when we studied some of the properties of multiplication. We wrote about each property and included examples underneath the flaps.

I have uploaded this foldable to my Teachers Notebook store for you to download for FREE. The foldable is pre-typed and is sized to fit into a spiral or composition notebook. We covered all of the multiplication properties except for the associative property. I know some of you may cover that one as well so I included a second foldable with the associative property on it, in case you need it on there. I ALSO included a bonus foldable for the properties of addition, same format. Click on the picture below to grab a copy--enjoy! :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Units of Measurement Sort FREEBIE

I have another freebie for you! :)

Our state math test is RIGHT around the corner, which means it's almost review time!! My kids still struggle with understanding that units of measurement have a category that they belong to. For example, they want to use meters for capacity or liters for length (I know, makes no sense). Among several other activities, I used this one last year with my kiddos and will use it again next week for review. The students will cut out all of the words and then sort them into the proper category--easy peasy concept.

I hope this is something you are able to use! You can download it one of my stores by clicking on the links below! Enjoy! :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Measurement Charts FREEBIE

Care for a freebie??! Click on the picture to go to my Teachers Notebook store to grab a copy of my measurement charts. The charts have examples of each unit of measurement for (customary and metric) capacity, weight, mass and length.

Math Notebooks/Journals FAQ

Here a few comments and emails (in NO particular order) that I have received about my math notebooks that I feel should be shared with all of you! Hopefully this answers all of your questions--if not, PLEASE feel free to comment or email me at froggycupcakes{at}gmail{dot}com. :)

Here are my math notebook resources for your convenience:
My TPT Store (which is not as plentiful as my TN store but has different items)

"Your math notebook is so creative and I am wondering if there is a way that I could get a copy of one to use as a guide while I set one up with my kids next year.  Is there a site to buy the printables off of? "
Thank you! Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of my entire notebook available to the public--there are several pages and ideas in it that come from our math curriculum and I dare not violate any of their rules and regulations!! I have posted several photos of my notebooks though! I also have several of my resources available for free download and for purchase.

"I want to have the notebooks full of references throughout the year; voc., examples of strategies, etc….place for them to go to look in case they have forgotten how we do certain things. I really am not sure because this is all so new to me. I have been in first grade for 21 years…what are your suggestions? Can’t wait to look at Dinah Zike’s book. Thank you so much. I love looking at your stuff."
My 4th graders struggle with correctly completing the contents of our notebooks so I can imagine what kinds of difficulties your first graders may encounter! I would really just recommend simplifying as much as you can for those little ones! It may be a good idea to provide templates for them, especially for the table of contents.  Also, check out my posts about getting notebooks set up to use! Follow the link provided at the top of this post.

"Do you have your kids keep their notebooks in their desk? I have been using my notebooks like you this year and I find they are getting really stuffed. It is making me wonder if I should switch to notebooks next year."
I have tables instead of desks in my room so my students' notebooks and folders are kept in drawers underneath each table. (You can see one of the drawer towers in the picture below.) I have three classes so each drawer tower has three drawers and is placed at the end of the table. This has worked very well this school year! We clean out notebooks and drawers on a regular basis to avoid them getting cluttered.

"thank you soooooo very much for sharing your setup and your thinking on math notebooks. i am trying this for the first time for the last semester of the school year so i can have it figured out and ready to go at the beginning of the new school year...which will hopefully be in a new grade as well!!!"
Thank you!! And I hope your implementation is going well! I also like to try all sorts of ideas at the end of the year to use in the following year--it's nice to have a test run to work out all of the kinks! :)

"do you have students do any guided practice, independent practice, or homework in their math notebook? if so, how do you incorporate this in your notebook? (i want students to have a few examples to help them with homework and for studying tests...but i also want to kind of maintain the instruction on left side and student work on right side idea...)"
YES! I like for students to have examples to refer to as well! I haven't posted photos of these pages because some of them are so boooooring because it is basically a page with a few solved problems. Some of the pages we do practice on have step-by-step instructions for solving problems that my students have written themselves--this helps them internalize the information. Some of theses example pages are actually a piece of colored piece of paper glued in (which could be labeled "examples") to add a little life to it.

"Thanks for sharing! I have started a science notebook for my 4th grade students, and your tips are really helpful. One thing that still has me baffled is the table of contents. What do you do when you want to add an extra page in the notebook, but you've already created the table of contents?"
I actually haven't encountered this problem yet only because we complete our entire unit (of related content) and then enter it into the table of contents. The kids enjoy going back and reflecting upon all they have done in a unit when we spend time looking at the pages we have completed and log them into the table of contents. So far, we haven't had to go back and add in anything. You may want to have a section of your notebook dedicated to these "miscellaneous" pages.

"I LOVE THIS IDEA! I'm trying it already. I have an EIP classroom, and these could be a HUGE benefit for my kids! However, how do you monitor that only what you want goes in the notebook? I could have cried Friday when I saw a kid doo dahing in theirs! HELP!"
Ahhhh!! I can understand that frustration!!! This is why I go over and have the kids sign the math journal guidelines page when we initially set the notebooks up. This has worked well for me because it has held them accountable in treating their journals properly. I have had very few problems.

"Can you give me some specifics on how you set this up? I would LOVE to do something like this!!"
I have a few posts about setting up notebooks! Check out the links at the beginning of this post.

"I really like this idea. Do you have a specific place where you print off all the great printables?"
I make most of the printables and get the rest from my school's curriculum. I have made available several of the ones that I created in my Teachers Notebook store. More are coming soon!!

Thanks for tuning in!! Please let me know if you have any other questions or comments. :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Addition/Subtraction Journal Page

I uploaded the following journal page to my Teachers Notebook store. Basic page for identifying "sum" and "difference". It's not part of a unit or anything, I just have my students keep it in their notebooks for reference. 

Also, I have received several questions and emails about my math notebooks here recently. I have compiled those into a blog post and should be finishing and posting it soon--probably this weekend!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Math Notebook Setup Part 2

Welcome back! This is part 2 of my notebook set up series. Click here if you missed part 1!

4. Table of Contents

Directly after the personalized cover page comes the Table of Contents. As you can see in the picture, we record each entry with the date, title and page numbers. I decided to use subcategories in this year's notebook (picture #2). (You can see that is is much more specific than last year's (picture #1).) We will usually record the date and title before making a new entry; the page numbers are recorded after the pages are complete (so we are sure that it is accurate).

5. Vocabulary Section
The very last page of the notebook marks the beginning of the vocabulary section. We put all of our vocabulary cards back here.

We complete the cards together, with the students providing the information for each section. If you would like a copy of the Frayer model vocabulary card click here to download it from my store. There are several different versions out there--the version I have works well in my classroom. You may find that a different version is better for you. :)

6. Page numbers
We number each page, a few at a time. I like to have them number about 10-15 pages ahead of time. This keeps the kids on track and ensures me that they are on the right page when we are about to add a new entry.

7. Storage
Above is a picture of my almost-completed classroom (from back in August). Next to the table you will notice a plastic drawer set. This is where students keep all math journals and math class folders. Each class has its own drawer. These get VERY messy, VERY fast so it is important for me to stay on top of them! We clean them out frequently (some more than others!).

I have SO. much. fun. incorporating these journals into our classroom!! I hope you enjoyed these posts. :)