Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Awesome Apps Post #3

What a GREAT time it was rounding up so many freebies for you! I hope you were able to grab them all! :) And now, I return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

Welcome back to Awesome Apps! I have some more good ones for you! :)

Sock Puppets
Price: FREE

This is one of the coolest apps out there! It is highly engaging and entertaining, AND can be used many different ways--use it for short storytelling, as an exit ticket/slip, introduce a concept, demonstrate learning, vocabulary, research report, etc.

Start by choosing your sock puppet or puppets, a background, and props:

After you make your choices, the set is then prepared for you:
Move the props and characters around by touching and dragging.
After that, press the record button at the top of the screen and then start talking! You can tap another puppet to switch characters and even move them around while recording. Press stop when finished, it will "scrub" your voice, and then it is ready to view! Here is a demonstration I recorded for you:

Price: FREE

This app uses the game of concentration to reinforce several math concepts. You customize the game by picking the concept, card view, and level.

You can have the cards be opaque, like this.....

...or be translucent.

I, personally, like the translucent view better so the students can focus more on the concept and not so much on remembering the cards' positions.

Once a match is made, the cards are placed in the windows of the purple building.

I think this app is great for multiple grade levels--basic numbers and shapes can be used for all elementary (review or remediation for older kids) and the fractions, percent, and multiplication can be used for the upper elementary grades. It can easily be an independent or partner game or even be used in small groups.

And now, an app for the littles!

 Tiny Hands Sorting Apps
Price: $2.99 or lite version for free

There are 3 of these simple and wonderful apps that are perfect for little hands and little minds. My daughter loves them! In each game, there are 3 games offered for free: 

Kids will sort the objects by color, size, mode of transportation, etc.

These apps are all free to try and come with three free games each. You can upgrade each for $2.99. My 3-year-old enjoys each app but they get a little old about 7 minutes after playing each game once or twice. I am thinking that upgrading will offer a much more engaging time.

Happy downloading and happy Tuesday! :)


  1. Thank you for sharing these! I love finding new apps for the students.

    Ms Richards's Musings

  2. Puppet Pals is excellent. I also love ToonTastic.
    Great post

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  3. Janaye,

    Thank you for the awesome app suggestions! I can't wait to download the sock puppet app!!


    Busy Little Brainiacs

  4. I have one ipad that I use in my classroom. I am always looking for great apps for my students to use! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the sock puppet app!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I LOVE the Sock Puppets app! My students loved it too. I just wish the video time was longer that 30 seconds... I wonder if it is in the paid version?

    Blooming In First

  7. So glad you are doing this! I hope you keep it up!


    The Math Maniace

  8. I love the tiny hands app. For my son who is borderline autistic, he loves playing the free ones over and over. Especially the game of matching the stars and circles. I'm thinking of buying the rest just to give myself a break of the monotony of it lol