Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Awesome Apps Post #2

Welcome back to Awesome Apps! I have some more good ones for you! :)

Cimo Spelling (Sight Words)
Price: $2.99 or lite version for free

This is a WONDERFUL app for practicing spelling sight words.

Here are the different levels of play:
1. Sight words-Kindergarten
2. Sight words-1st grade
3. Sight words-2nd grade
4. Sight words-3rd grade
5. High-frequency words
6. Challenge

The point of the game is to get Cimo across the water to the fish. The word built will provide a bridge for him to walk across.

Here is another Cimo game:

Cimo Can Spell
Price: $2.99 or lite version for free

This Cimo app practices vowels and words that can be sounded out.

Here are the different levels of play:
1. Short vowels
2. Long vowels
3. Bossy r words
4. Other vowel teams
5. Irregular vowels
6. Challenge

This game is played the same way as the other.

**There are more words and a few more customizable options available in the paid versions of these apps that are not available in the lite versions. However, I use the lite versions of both and I am satisfied with what each includes.

Splash Math
Price: $9.99 or lite version for free

Don't let the price discourage you--this app is AWESOME. AWESOME. AWESOME. And I just have the free version! There are Splash Math apps for Kindergarten-5th grade (just search Splash Math). ALL of the apps are great. Multiple concepts are covered though you are limited to just a few if you do not purchase full access. 

You will also have access to customizable math fact practice (included in the free version).

The app is very engaging and motivating. I really like the format of the questions and the visuals included. I love that the place value section asks students to represent numbers in several different ways.

Play Mode asks 10 questions at a time and then provides a brief break. Students earn items for an aquarium by doing well on the questions. Here are some sample questions:

If I used iPads on a more consistent basis during math time in my classroom, then I would definitely purchase the upgrade for this app. This app would also be great for homeschoolers. I say it is definitely worth the money. But before you buy it, try it out for free! I know you and your students will love it!

Here is some more information about upgrading the app:

And now, an app for the littles!

 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally
Price: FREE

I cannot believe that this app is free. It has so much in it! It is just like an interactive, mini-episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. My 3-year-old REALLY enjoys it! However, be aware that kids are expected to talk out loud to Mickey, yell random things, blow on the iPad, etc. (I learned this on the day that I had my daughter with me at a school meeting and she was playing this game!) It is too, too fun.

Looks just like an episode.

Again, I cannot believe this is free. If you have a little one, go download it!


You may be having a hard time finding the Road Rally app. A Facebook fan mentioned that she couldn't find it so I went searching. This may be a change from when I originally downloaded the app because I did not have to do this, but you have to download the Disney Jr. Appisodes app BEFORE you can play Road Rally.

I hope to have another Awesome Apps post for you by the end of the week.
Happy Tuesday! :)


  1. great post!!! the story about your daughter cracked me up! ! I am going to go ahead and get some of these apps! ! thanks for sharing!


    1. Haha, it was quite the meeting! ;) Thanks for coming over!

  2. I'm having trouble finding the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse one :(


    1. Crisis averted! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  3. I love the Splash Math app!! Since our school got each teacher an iPad, we occasionally get iTunes gift cards. I'm waiting on another one for the full version. Love playing this with my whole class on the projector! Thanks for sharing again!!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

    1. It is SUCH a great app--I can imagine how awesome the full version is!

  4. Hi Janaye! I'm going to pass your reviews along to our classroom teachers, those apps look great! I just posted science app reviews on my blog, stop by if you're interested in sci apps!

    Science for Kids Blog