Sunday, October 12, 2014

Duct Tape Number Line

I am linking up to Tara's Monday Made It!

I am a HUGE proponent of using manipulatives and hands-on activities to teach math (and other subjects) in ALL grade levels! Just because students are older does not mean that abstract thinking and understanding is automatic. Sometimes, they just need to put their hands on it in order to fully grasp it.

So today, I made a duct tape number line!
The number line is about 6 feet long. I wanted it big enough for a small group of students to all use at once. During math stations, students will choose the cards out of a baggie one at a time and then place them on a number line. To assist in the ordering process, students have access to base-ten blocks to model the numbers.

Like it? Make your own duct tape number line and use the number cards from this freebie:


Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's been WAY too long.

I am not sure how it is possible to be a teacher, wife, mom, friend AND active blogger!! I am not sure how everyone else can balance it all!!! :) I so need/want to do a REAL blog post soon. Been way too long!

In the meantime, I've got a fresh product to share with you! I whipped up some math stations for my class last night/this morning to use in math stations next week:

These are just a few of the 77 pages in this pack--head to my store to check out the rest!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Daily 5: Building Stamina

Anyone who uses Daily 5 knows what stamina is all about...before you can expect your kids to sit quietly and work through a round of Daily 5 so you can teach a small group uninterrupted, there must be some guided practice! The kids must practice doing exactly what is expected of them before you can expect them to do it on their own. That's where stamina charts come in...

When building stamina, you should keep a visual of the time so that students are able to see their progress toward the goal. You can do this many different ways. I will be printing off some charts on colored paper, laminating them and then posting them on my white (gray) board. We will color in our minutes each day until we reach our goal:

I decided to add a few more charts with a different goal so that I could share them with you all! I know we all do Daily 5 differently, timing included. If you would like to snag a copy of these posters, head over to one of my stores!


Sunday, August 31, 2014

AARRRRGH! Pirate Place Value!

A few years ago, I created this little guy:

...which came from this pack:

Well, that was 3 years ago, so it was time for an UPDATE! Ta-da!!:

I gave EVERY page a facelift, changed up some of the activities and added a few new things.

I am SO excited about the changes--I hope you enjoy as well! If you already have it, be sure to download it again! If you don't have it already, click below to check it out! I have it on sale through Monday! :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

2014 Classroom Reveal

So, after weeks of work that included a complete classroom decor makeover, I am FINALLY ready to reveal my classroom! BUT FIRST, a blast from the past--

Alright, here it is!!!! My 1st grade classroom for 2014-2015:

Welcome to my hallway! This is the brand new bulletin board right outside my classroom door.
The giant letters idea came from Doodle Bugs Teaching and I made them using my Silhouette Cameo. A worthy investment, in case you are interested.

View into my classroom from the hallway! (blue rug from Target)

Word Work containers that will be leveled/differentiated.

Sight word list mastery board

Book bags

 Outside door, reading/partner activity corner (rug from Sam's Club)

View from the outside door

View from the outside door

1 of 2 computer areas and math board

(Rug on left from Sam's Club, rug on right from Lowe's)

The Ten-Frame posters can be found in my Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Inspired Calendar Set.
 Loving my newly spray painted bookshelf!

Calendar board

Math station buckets, math manipulatives and book buckets.
 Classroom library

Up top! Love my characters!

Big book storage!

Library passes

A basket to return classroom library books that sits right next to the library.

View from the library

Second computer area

Math station activity storage as well as some manipulatives

Above my desk--loving it.

 My desk area (to the left), writing center and bulletin boards. Small group table.

My small group table and desk area.

Writing Center

 Science and S.S. bulletin board

Work station

Student mailboxes

 Inside my super organized and itty bitty closet! (closet shelf not pictured)

And I close out this tour with the view from my desk!
 Such a lovely sight! :D