Saturday, December 5, 2015

"O Geome-Tree" Activity UPDATED

Happy December! I can't believe ANOTHER year is nearly complete. WHERE does the time go??!

I just revisited and updated one of my math activities that I posted about a loooooooong time ago (from 2011, to be exact). My 4th graders helped me create an interactive bulletin board for Christmas. Here is the original post:

Our bulletin board for the month of December was entitled "O Geome-Tree" (after the ever-so-popular "O Christmas Tree" song). This was a good opportunity to talk with my students about what geometry is (since, for whatever reason, my students said they had never heard the term). Geometry is something that students have had experience with all the way back to when they were learning shapes. Don't be afraid to introduce the term to them in the early grades! Anywho, here is the board!:

This was a very simple introductory activity. We actually will not get into geometry until late March (other than reviewing what was learned in past grade levels) so I kept it simple. All the students had to do was make a polygon, write a fact or two about the shape and decorate it. They then got to staple it to the board as an ornament for the tree (this was their favorite part). Here is the sample I made for them:

The activity gave me a little insight into what they already knew about polygons; it was NOT a good sign that half of them had to ask what a polygon was :/. Anyway, some students did a really great job while others decided to do a very basic job. Here are some student examples:


Activities like this make me miss being in the classroom! :)

Anyway, I updated the file today--all activity directions and a grading rubric are included PLUS a set of task cards and recording sheets to use with your bulletin board.

This activity is PERFECT for this time of year! Enjoy the freebie!! :)

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