Saturday, February 8, 2014

Place Value Scoot + a freebie!

Hard to believe that another month has come and gone--and what a busy new month it has been! We actually had TWO snow days off from school!

Of course, we will have to make them up but that didn't stop me from enjoying them!

The day before our snow day break, we kicked off our numeration 50-99 unit by reviewing tens and ones and place value. We started off by modeling numbers with base-ten blocks and writing the number of tens and ones in each number. Easy peasy.

After that, we played an impromptu game of "Scoot". I gave each student a white board and instructed them to divide it into fourths. I then gave each student a number card that had a number in standard form, word form, or a model. The students represented the number in one of four ways in one of the boxes: standard form, expanded form, word form, or a model. When it was time to "scoot", the kids moved to the next desk and filled in one box on their neighbor's white board. We continued until all of the boxes were filled in.

They had SOOOOO much fun! They looooooved it! :)

I thought number representation would be a great review activity for a math station, so I whipped up this little mat and number cards to go with:

It has been a looooong time since I have posted regularly, so if you made it over here and have read this far, I feel like you deserve a little freebie! You can grab this activity in my TPT or TN store by clicking below:

Enjoy! :)


  1. What a great idea! I love that scoot game! :)


  2. We just got two snow days in a row as well! Hope you enjoyed yours!

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