Sunday, February 16, 2014

This Week in 1st Grade

So 2 weeks ago was NUTS and this past week was NOT much better!

Monday: Regular school day, though it became icy throughout the day and was slightly dangerous by the time we got out of school and on the roads.
Tuesday: Ice day! NO school!
Wednesday: Regular school day (and recess--FINALLY!)
Thursday: Regular school day, but I had a workshop and was out--sub day!
Friday: LOVELY (but windy) weather for Valentine's Day

So last week, I actually only taught on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That is somewhat awesome.

Well, what does this next week bring?? A lot of the same things from last week since we didn't get everything finished!

Phonics/Spelling: Introduce trigraphs -dge and -tch with a whole group picture sort. We will sort the pictures by sound into two hoops (which I don't have at home, so I will show you on construction paper...).

Then, we will add the words for each picture.

Throughout the week, we will keep a flipbook of words we come across that have -tch and -dge in them. We will spend some time searching through books for them and will also keep a class list of the words. Here is a simple (at home!) example:

Handwriting: We will focus on ABC order, specifically on using the second letter when words have the same initial letter. Our sight words of the week have 2 sets of same letter words so this is a PERFECT time to review that concept. This is the very boring but colorful flipchart we will use. We don't have fun fonts at school (and aren't allowed to download them!) so Century Gothic it is! :P

The students will decide and write the order of the words on their dry erase boards. Then, together we will drag the words over in order to confirm their answers.
Handwriting (all 10 minutes of it) for the rest of the week will consist of lots of skywriting, some pencil and paper practice, and using our tactile handwriting boards.

Reading/Writing: Penguins research project--we have been researching penguins for the past four weeks. We didn't do much last week at all (only 1 day of penguin study), so this week will pretty much be the same activities I planned for last week. We will learn about main idea and informational text features. We will use the text features to answer specific questions. My GT students will be starting a mini-research project on penguins as the class continues research together. I whipped this up for them (and will share with you very soon):
We will also begin our own informational text book about penguins--fun stuff!

Math: We will finish up numeration on Monday and move on to learning about time on Tuesday! Our time unit always begins by reading The Grouchy Ladybug by one of my favorite authors, Eric Carle. Here is a great YouTube video of it:

We will then discuss a brief history of the clock (riveting, really) and the difference between analog and digital clocks. We'll discuss a sundial first and I'll show this quick video to demonstrate how it works:

After the sundial, we view/discuss how people used to use hourglasses to keep time and the difficulties that may have come with using one. We will then have a discussion about using a standardized format for keeping time and a tool that is not solely reliant on good weather days or people. Then it is time to explore the clock tools!

I give them about 10 minutes to just play with our little clock buddies. Exploring tools before using them as tools under your instruction will allow the kids' curiosity about the tool to be satisfied and get the play out of their system. They will then be ready to use them as properly!

We will use these videos to reinforce what we are learning about time:

We have already watched these videos a jazillion times this school year already, so the kids are very familiar with them! I give them a clock to use during the video since the videos are very interactive.

We will also build our own paper clocks in order to learn more about them, as well as build a clock number line to learn how a clock is actually a number line!

Since it is still February (and we only did stations once last week!), stations will still be from my Cross My Heart pack:

And here is a SUPER time game that I will add to the Math with Technology station:

Science: This week we will finish up learning about what makes seasons since we didn't get to finish last week. Here is a GREAT video we will watch that shows one year in 120 seconds, specifically how the trees look during each season.

And instead of making these season trees like I planned for last week...
fall tree handprint

...we are making a circle book about seasons instead. I will share it with you after we make them!

Social Studies: This week is all about presidents! Monday is Presidents' Day, so we will learn about the great contributions of some of our great presidents, specifically Washington and Lincoln. We are doing a little craftivity to house the information we have learned about these great men. My GT kids will be doing their own research on a great president and will make an informational book about it to share with the class. Fun fun!

Well, I hope you have a GREAT (and snow day-less) week!! :)

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