Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cross My Heart!

So I went to Wal-Mart yesterday, as I typically do each weekend. I made the mistake of going down the Valentine's Day aisle and ended up spending nearly 10 minutes there! There were SOO many great things that I needed wanted! Well, while I was perusing through all of the items, I was struck with inspiration to put together a little math/literacy pack for my class! I spent all late night/early morning creating this:

I am in loooooove. ;) Check out a few of my activities that you can use with some of the items on the Wal-Mart Valentine's Day aisle:

 Found these heart plates for $1 each--perfect for sorting.

 Building figures.
 Put the hundreds puzzle back together! Also comes as a 120 chart.

 Making tens and ones with these ADORABLE conversation heart erasers and valentine cups.

More conversation heart love.

And more.

These tubs are also great for sorts.

The pack includes the above activities and MORE:
  • Valentine's Day word list for writing center
  • writing paper
  • 4 sight word games
  • contractions game
  • 6 phonics sorting games
  • 9 roll and read games
  • scrambled sentences
  • addition game
  • time to hour/half hour matching game
  • part-part-whole mat and game
  • odd and even game
  • ordinal numbers game
  • counting with ten-frames game
  • hundreds chart puzzle (100 chart and 120 chart)
  • tens and ones game
  • 2 pattern blocks games

Head over to check it out! Cross my heart--your kids will love it! ;)

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