Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Made It!

So I have had this sudden burst of craftiness and have been making all sorts of things!! You may have already seen this post about my READ sign and crate seat covers. Well, I made a few more things after that! I can't even show you all of them right now because there are so many projects!!

Saturday, I put my birthday bouquet together just by using krazy straws and birthday stickers. Easy peasy.

I also made a first day of school sign.
I am making another one for the 100th day and another for the last day (at some point). I LOVE it so much! I mod podged scrapbook paper to the wooden F and used washi tape to hide the seams. I then stapled it (heavy duty stapler) to a 12 x 12 canvas (with glitter paper glued to it). I applied my favorite sticker letters to the glitter, which was not easy but they are still there!

I also finished making fun, matching labels for my classroom!

I have a few more projects to share but those will have to wait until later on this week because this is my last week of summer!!! Time to get in gear and start working on curriculum!!! :O

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  1. LOVE your crazy straw birthday bouquet! I'm trying to step it up this year with birthdays since I wasn't so good with that last year. (Coming from a middle school, we just didn't do much.) And every kid likes crazy straws..... :-)

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