Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2013 Classroom Reveal!

Well, I wasn't going to reveal my classroom today AND I already posted about something else today BUUUTTTT I just realized that today is the day to reveal your room! So onto the bandwagon, I go.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, welcome to my classroom!!

View from my outside door--SO sorry about the lighting! :/

The other side of the door. Popcorn words will start to appear when the kids come. They read one word each time they walk out of the door.

Look left when you come in and see this! I made the art on the wall and found the butterflies on clearance at Michaels.

You can get the alphabet print here.

Reading area and math board.

I made the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom number posters--you can find them by clicking below.

Reading/phonics manipulatives shelf

Reading area, calendar/whole group area, classroom library, Writers of the Week table

Part of the library and math manipulatives storage

Calendar board

A little library decor. You can read about the READ sign here. ;)

My area is in the corner back there.

Ahem--ignore the mismatch desks. Priorities, people.

Love my polka dot door!

Small group table with birthday board behind it.

Writing center and Amazing Authors board! Each student will have a place to display their best work.

Excited about my fun writing bulletin board!

I have made the headers available to you in a few different formats. First up, is chalkboard style (SO hot right now!):

Or you can choose chevron:

Or you can go with plain paper:

2 small group tables (view from my area)

AR bulletin board--maximizing my space and keeping it simple.

Spelling activities

Student mailboxes

Bucket for lost manipulatives, cards, letter tiles, etc.

Went in yesterday and the letter V was missing!! I found it in the lost pieces bucket to the left....not sure how it ended up all the way over there, but at least I know the bucket works. ;)

Writers of the Week bulletin board, reading buddies in the basket, book bags, and lunch tickets in the pocket chart.

Thanks for coming to my classroom!!! :)


  1. Awesome!!! Great job ^__^ I love your reading area carpet!!!

    ♥♡ Lucky

  2. I love that orange chevron lamp! You did such a great job!!!


  3. Janaye I love your room!! It looks amazing!!!!!


  4. It looks awesome! What a wonderful place to learn!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  5. So pretty! Love your amazing authors board!

  6. It all looks lovely! All that hard work!!! :) love it!

  7. Love the polka dot rug and chevron lamp!

    Amanda Bryant
    A Traveled Teacher

    1. Janaye.....I love your room! It looks so warm and inviting :) I especially love the Read sign that you made and the little framed signs underneath it. Are you by any chance offering those little signs on your TPT site? They are so sweet and I already have some of those small Ikea frames.


  8. I love your room! The bright colors are great, but it also has a homey feel with the neutral paint color on the wall. Very nice!!!
    Teaching Ever After

  9. Looks like you put A LOT of work in your room!


  10. I love the pictures of your room! The bright colors are so much fun!

    Elements of Elementary