Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Can Write a...Bulletin Board

I have been working hard and I am so proud to say that my classroom is FINISHED!! I will be revealing it to you either tomorrow or the next day. I do have a little sneak peek + freebie for you today though! :)

Behind our writing materials station, I decided to put up a writing bulletin board that will show examples of things that writers can write. We always have this discussion so a visual to go with it will be great for my kiddos.

The board is very simple, as you can see. It says, "I  Can Write a..." and the examples below that are letter, story, poem, and list. Now, the titles will not be displayed for the students just yet. The titles are up there so you can see how it is supposed to look. I will put them up after we discuss them. On the orange paper will go an example of each type of writing. Easy peasy and oh so helpful for students!

I have made the headers available to you in a few different formats. First up, is chalkboard style (SO hot right now!):

Or you can choose chevron:

Or you can go with plain white paper:

Take your pick! Have a terrific Tuesday!! :)


  1. Found your blog doing a bit of blog hopping. I have only done a little bit of blogging and keen to take it further .... so it was lovely to find your blog today. Am an Aussie teacher and open to feedback and any helpful ideas :)

  2. Great idea! Your signs are so cute. Thanks for the freebies. Can't wait to see your classroom.

    Compassionate Teacher