Monday, July 7, 2014

The Scoop on Soil

I LOVE science.

I also love math. And phonics. And reading and writing. Okay, okay, I love everything! It's all fun to teach!

I just finished working on a product that I have used in my own classroom for two years. Before we get into plants, we spend a week or two specifically studying soil and its properties and use. We learn how to identify types of soil and then describe them and compare them to other types of soil.

Here are several great books we read/use during the unit: 

We also use these two wonderful resources to learn more about soil:

And what better way to document our learning than with an itty bitty journal?!

If you are a Facebook follower and was on Facebook last night around 9:30 then you probably got to snag this product as a 15-minute Flash Freebie! If you don't already, follow my Facebook page so you don't miss out in the future! :)

Check out the journal pack in my store. It comes with the 9-page journal, rubric for grading, and explanation (for the teacher) of each page.

Have a marvelous Monday!

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