Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pocket Chart Stand!!!!


I have been wanting to start a poetry center in my classroom and was trying to find a place for a pocket chart to go. I didn't have a stand or any available bulletin board or wall space. THEN, I went to Target. I bought this garment rack for $20...

...and ta-da!! Pocket chart stand!!!

ADJUSTABLE pocket chart stand!!!!!

The stand has the perfect height options for kids to use it on the floor OR for me to use during whole group instruction.

 I bought pocket chart rings from a teacher supply store for about $3-5 and borrowed the pocket chart from a friend (since all the ones I had on hand are too big for it). The chart even has pockets at the bottom to hold sentence strips!

 This is its home until we are ready to use it. It is super lightweight and is easy to move around the room--the kids could even move it. It actually came with wheels but I chose not to put them on.

Here is what the box looks like:

I am SO excited about it!!


  1. I've been using a garment rack as well!! I do use the wheels because I like being able to move it!!

  2. I saw this on IG and came over to read more--this is so smart Janaye!!! And affordable, which is the best part :)

  3. Great idea! I've used a garment rack before but this one looks really sturdy and better than most. I've got to check it out!

  4. great idea! I will check it out! http://en.ofweek.com/electric-power-news