Sunday, October 6, 2013

Going on a Shape Hunt...

If you recall last Sunday's post, I shared my math plans with you AND a little Shape Hunt freebie! In those plans, I explained that we would be going on a Shape Hunt around our campus using iPads to capture the shapes. This was probably our FUNNEST day of math to date--the kids were not only excited to go outside on a hunt, but they were THRILLED to be able to carry their very own iPad with them! Well...

The hunt is on!

After the hunt, the kids looked at all of the pictures they took and used them to fill out the Shape Hunt recording sheet.

They took some great pictures!!

After they finished the recording sheet, they got to play one of the shapes apps we have on the iPads. However, I CANNOT remember/find the app we used!! Lo siento. It is on the school iPads so I will find out once I have access to them again. I want to say it was called Train Shapes but when I googled it, the apps that came up didn't match the one we played.

And here is the chart we made using some of our iPad pictures!!! The kids came up with all of the descriptions--I was simply just the scribe. :)

This was a great kick-start to our 2D Figures unit. We will be finishing up this week, so I will have to share some more activities with you! :)



  1. What a wonderful way to incorporate the use of iPads into learning! Can't wait to give this a try this week! I think I may have found the name of the app you used. One is a paid app (Animal Train Preschool Adventure First Word Learning) and the other is a free app (Abby Monkey-Animal Train for Children). Do your school iPads have the free version?

    Thanks so much for sharing this fantastic idea!

    Ms. Hamm's First Grade Funland

  2. Love this!! I bet your kiddos were super engaged! This makes me even more excited about our iPads coming in January!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  3. This even makes me excited! Wish I was lucky to have cool!

    For the Love of First Grade

  4. You are so lucky! Where do you work that you have iPads? I may have to apply there next year.. ;)