Sunday, October 20, 2013

'Twas a Short Week

Last week was a short week for me! How about you?

We had Monday off from kids, but not from school. We had a few meetings and got to work in our classrooms for a little while. Made lots of copies and cleaned up, and then made this:
We have been studying blends for two weeks now. We even started our unit by making a smoothie in a blender (you may recall from last week):
Once the blender is laminated, we will put the blends we have learned in it. I'm just waiting on our designated laminator person to have time to laminate it........don't get me started on that situation.

Also, after we identified our new l blends, my students were coming up with words that included them. You know, play, please, blue, flower, etc. And then there's this one:

Slay. Just look at that picture! Think he has seen a few horror movies in his short, little life?? (le sigh) least he was thinking??

I posted on Instagram about the skip counting fun we had Tuesday!! The kids were so impressed that we got to use their real (clean and brought in from home especially for this activity) socks. We also talked about odd and even (which you can see from the color choices on the numbers).


Wednesday, we finished up skip counting by with counting by 5s and 10s. MORE (mostly undocumented) fun!!!


To finish up our big patterns unit, we had a PATTERN PARTY!!

The kids rotated through 6 stations to make patterns using different materials. They were way grossed out/excited when I bust out this tray of fake (thank goodness) roaches and spiders:

Check out this great additive pattern!

Also, I FINALLY beat level 79!!!!! Yes!!!!!


I discovered this very disturbing sight pictured below. This is the wall/ceiling on a porch on our 1st grade building. See all of those little specks???

It's like a daddy longleg retirement village!!!! Those specks are the spiders!! There are at least a hundred of them!!! (insert ick face here)

Friday night got VERY (Texas) cold so we built a fire at home!! Don't be fooled though, this is just fake fall. It will be 90 again next week. 

How was your week??

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  1. Oh my! I was stuck on level 79 forever! Just passed it last night!!