Thursday, March 1, 2012

Math Notebook Setup Part 2

Welcome back! This is part 2 of my notebook set up series. Click here if you missed part 1!

4. Table of Contents

Directly after the personalized cover page comes the Table of Contents. As you can see in the picture, we record each entry with the date, title and page numbers. I decided to use subcategories in this year's notebook (picture #2). (You can see that is is much more specific than last year's (picture #1).) We will usually record the date and title before making a new entry; the page numbers are recorded after the pages are complete (so we are sure that it is accurate).

5. Vocabulary Section
The very last page of the notebook marks the beginning of the vocabulary section. We put all of our vocabulary cards back here.

We complete the cards together, with the students providing the information for each section. If you would like a copy of the Frayer model vocabulary card click here to download it from my store. There are several different versions out there--the version I have works well in my classroom. You may find that a different version is better for you. :)

6. Page numbers
We number each page, a few at a time. I like to have them number about 10-15 pages ahead of time. This keeps the kids on track and ensures me that they are on the right page when we are about to add a new entry.

7. Storage
Above is a picture of my almost-completed classroom (from back in August). Next to the table you will notice a plastic drawer set. This is where students keep all math journals and math class folders. Each class has its own drawer. These get VERY messy, VERY fast so it is important for me to stay on top of them! We clean them out frequently (some more than others!).

I have SO. much. fun. incorporating these journals into our classroom!! I hope you enjoyed these posts. :)


  1. Nice creative work done by the kids they should be encourged to do stuff like that.

    Plastic Cards
    Plastic Cards

  2. Janaye,
    I love your blog and the ideas you have for math and science note booking. I'm still in college to be a teacher but I am keeping notes now on things I want to incorporate into my own classroom and this is definitely one of them!!! I also love the anchor charts! I'd love to see even more excerpts from the math and science notebooks!!


  3. I tried the TOC this year in the notebooks but I slacked off. I need to try it again next year...

    I found you through the linky party :) Can't wait to stalk your blog!

    4th grade

  4. pam irish {}April 2, 2012 at 2:39 PM

    thank you soooooo very much for sharing your setup and your thinking on math notebooks. i am trying this for the first time for the last semester of the school year so i can have it figured out and ready to go at the beginning of the new school year...which will hopefully be in a new grade as well!!!

    do you have students do any guided practice, independent practice, or homework in their math notebook?

    if so, how do you incorporate this in your notebook? (i want students to have a few examples to help them with homework and for studying tests...but i also want to kind of maintain the instruction on left side and student work on right side idea...)

  5. Love this idea. I started math journals but love making them interactive and seriously more powerful! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Starting my second year in 4th grade math & I'm super excited(and bit nervous) to be starting this idea. Thanks so much for sharing!!