Friday, February 4, 2011


You may be wondering about my blog title. Well, 2 of my favorite things are frogs (my classroom theme) and cupcakes. I really enjoy the 2. However, life isn't always about what you enjoy. You don't always get what you like. Therefore, life isn't always frogs and cupcakes...but some days it can be!!!

I'm a 4th grade teacher in a Texas town. This is my 5th year to teach. The first year I was in a very small Texas town Head Start. I have been teaching 4th grade in a larger town ever since.  I also just started an online master's program in curriculum and instruction which is keeping me pretty busy. I'm a Christian, mother of a 1 year-old, wife, grammar nazi, ADD, OCD, at one time considered GT, and extremely good with technology. I am very creative but usually limited on time so I don't always get to use it (for instance, my blog design...). I am not a girly-girl but love girly things. 

At my school, 4th grade is departmentalized and I am responsible for the math. My school has the lowest overall scores in our district and kids from the worst/poorest parts of town. The odds are definitely stacked against us.

This blog was not created for the purpose of venting (although I cannot guarantee there won't be!) but to share ideas with my fellow teachers. I hope to gain some readers so that we can exchange our ideas and creativity.

Thanks for visiting!

-Content, with cold feet (literally)