Sunday, November 30, 2014

Turkey Parts of Speech + Cyber Monday Sale

Yes, I am late to the Thanksgiving party but, HEY--it's still November!! :D

I want to share one of the turkey projects we did this month.

We read several of my favorite turkey books (and, of course, the kids loved them):

Before and during reading these books, we discussed some nouns, verbs and adjectives about turkeys. After reading, the kids wrote down nouns, verbs and adjectives about turkeys. Here are the planning pages for it:

You can pick up the freebie on Google Drive!

The students wrote their chosen nouns, verbs and adjectives on feather outlines and colored nouns red, verbs orange and adjectives yellow. I gave them some brown paper, red paper and yellow paper, and this is what they came up with:



I know I really should have taken the pics before I put them up......oh well. :D I love how unique each turkey is and I think they are all absolutely adorable!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!! And are you ready for the Cyber Monday Sale on TPT?? Starts tomorrow!

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