Sunday, November 29, 2015

Parts of Speech Menu Project

Helllooooo! Happy Sunday to you and happy late Thanksgiving! Hope it was a great one! :D

I'm just going to go on as normal and pretend like I haven't been away from blogging for like, 10 months... :)

Parts of speech--one of my favorite things to teach! I love grammar anyway, which makes teaching this concept to children even MORE fun! Children need to know that grammar is more than just circling and crossing out on a worksheet or gluing words into a parts of speech sort. One way to bring parts of speech to life is connecting it to real life.

Think about the last time you were at a restaurant and you looked at the menu...

What did the menu have that made you want to order what you did? A picture? Probably, but even more common than that are descriptive words. Did you order a nice burger or a juicy patty on a toasted bun, smothered with cheese? Introducing a new creation...

In this project, students will study restaurant menus from familiar places and then create his/her own menu for his/her own restaurant using various parts of speech. In Texas, some of our ELAR standards deal with media and advertising techniques--this is a PERFECT tie-in because menus that students create will need to be attractive and appealing to anyone viewing it.


This project is a great enrichment activity, perfect for GT students OR can be used with your entire class. I like a versatile project! ;)

Sadly, I don't have a classroom of students to try out my creations anymore so I don't have any action shots to share. (If you purchase this and take some pics, please send them my way!) Maybe I can convince one of the teachers at my school to use it so I can get some pics. :D :D

Check it out in my TPT or TN store! (And head to my Facebook page or Instagram page for a chance to get it for free! A flash freebie is coming!)