Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Technology Camp and Science Introduction for K-2 Pack!

Happy summer!! I got a little carried away with the chalk the other night, by the way... ;)

I hope your summer is off to a great start and for those of you that were in school last week, I hope you now actually out for summer! School in June should be outlawed...

I have managed to stay quite busy so far this summer! Last week I taught various technology classes for teachers all but 1 day. This week starts Summer Technology Camp, something I have been a part of in my district since its inception a few years ago. I have blogged about this truly WONDERFUL experience for the past two years. You can read alllll about it here:

I look forward to sharing this year's activities with you very soon!

I have spent all of the rest of my time with my 3-year-old! We have had SO much fun playing in water, painting, watching Beauty and the Beast, visiting friends...Last night, I took her to a Paint Your Own Pottery place for the first time. She had a BLAST!

Painting her elephant

My vase

Her pieces! Can't wait to see them after they are cooked!

In between all of the above-listed activities, I spent a moment here and there making this:

I am happy to announce that this pack I have been working on for a WHOLE week now is now FINISHED. And I could not be happier because I plan on using it in my own classroom! :) This science pack is perfect for kick-starting science for your new school year! It includes:

-4 lessons/activities to answer "What is Science?"
-8 lessons/activities to answer "What is a scientist?" and "What do scientists do?"
-anchor charts
-wall display cut-and-assemble (with picture sample)
-graphic organizers
-hands-on activities and experiments
-2 class books with student pages
-rubber band book (foldable with instructions)
-an optional ActivInspire flipchart to accompany lessons

Check it out here!

 Want a free copy? Enter for a chance to win! Leave a comment with your email address; I will randomly pick 3 winners tomorrow.

Have a terrific Tuesday! :)


  1. Would love to win a copy! I love units about Science!


  2. I would love a copy! I am always looking for fun, interesting science activities.

  3. How cute, Janaye! I'd love to win a copy! It'd be perfect next year :) shannon.engley@gmail.com

  4. I love everything you create...I'd love to win a copy! (We have a science curriculum that is ok, but I'd love to add to it.)

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  5. This unit looks awesome! I'm jumping into science with both feet next year and this unit would be SO helpful! Thanks for sharing your talents!


  6. I Am impressed! Really glad to find your site. Jeasley@harrahschools.com

  7. I would LOVE to win! Science is my weakest subject. Looks like an awesome packet. YOu have worked really hard.

  8. This looks adorable!
    Teaching in the Valley

  9. What a great way to kick start science! Would love to win a copy :)

  10. This is great!! We have room at the beginning of the year to teach just this!! Thrilled to see you create this!!