Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Germs, Mold, and Other Gross Stuff + Giveaway Winners!

That's the name of my Technology Camp. Awesome, right??! The camp is for students entering grades 4-5, even though I do have one entering 2nd! She is doing her best to keep up with everyone else...

And since this is Technology Camp, I have been lugging these...

...up and down THESE alllll week!

And it never gets old.

We are down three days and still have two more to go this week. So far, we have talked about germs, bodily fluids and functions, scabs, and Lizardman, played with diapers and grown mold, and the best is yet to come! We still have bird poop to research and gunk to make! I'll share more about the activities later on this week.

Have you seen my latest product??

Here are some more images from the product:

Posters for display that answer the question, "What do scientists do?" You can print the posters...

 ...or you can create a wall display using the cut-and-assemble set.

Several graphic organizers:

Includes 2 class books! Here is one:

I hope you had a chance to enter the giveaway to win a free copy of this pack! Here are the winners:

Thanks, ladies!! Check your email as your prize is awaiting!


  1. Are those iPads? Or iPods? Sounds like a really fun camp! I love gross stuff, and kids are always super engaged when it is gross! Your product looks amazing!~


    1. Those are iPads, which you never realize are that heavy until you have to lug them around!

  2. Sounds like sooooo much fun!!! Kids love this kinda stuff and what better way to make learning fun!

    1. It was a BLAST and the kids loved it so, so much!!

  3. Your technology camp sounds like so much fun! I love how you are incorporating science. Have a great weekend!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

    1. The science aspect makes it even MORE fun!