Monday, July 30, 2012

What Kind of Teacher Learner Are You??

Yesterday I spent a little time going through packets and papers from workshops that I have been to in the past few years to see what was worth keeping. I found some pretty good stuff (especially for math manipulatives!!) and I also found a few interesting things...

Let me preface all of this by saying that I am ADD and I don't take meds! (It's a good thing I'm a teacher because multitasking is what keeps me focused!!) In order to really pay attention to something and absorb all of the information I have to be doing something else--doodling, reading, writing, planning, pinning (duh), SOMETHING! Luckily my principal knows this about me and doesn't yell at me for doodling and planning during faculty meetings!! :)

When I doodle during workshops, I normally draw, color on the page, highlight important stuff, and so on. Stuff like this--not my best work but a few examples ;) :

Anyway, I found this too and it made me crack up--I have NO RECOLLECTION of doing any of this!! Lol.

I hope we were supposed to write good and bad example.......

Those made me crack up because the workshop I was at had to be absolutely terrible for me to do that!! That's normally not my style, haha!

SOOOO--what kind of teacher learner are you??


  1. This is me! You and I are the same person. I have to doodle or do SOMETHING to stay focused. I know that it is often frustrating to people who are presenting because it looks like I am not paying attention. I also have ADD and take no meds. I am highly considering it after a highly distracted start to my school year this year!

    In fact, right now my students are arriving and I am supposed to be on here printing something for us to use today! gargh.


    1. LOL, thanks for the early morning laugh!!!!! And if you get meds, let me know how that works out! I've been contemplating it just to see how much saner I might be.

  2. That is hilarious!!! I went through a bunch of my workshop books and papers at the end of the year. Wow! Are you sure you don't have some of mine! lol I usually text my husband and ask him to remind me again why I went to the workshop.

  3. I take meds now so most of the time, my meeting notebook is much less colorful! However... The have been some good ones...

    I think my favorite was the back to school meeting 2 years ago. I made some.. Um.. Interesting discoveries about crayons....

    1. Did you know that there is a little core of crayon in the middle of the crayon?
    2. And... It is the same size as the end of a paper clip?
    3. Of course I HAD to explore this idea.. And see if I could make the paper clip go straight into the crayon through the core.... Needless to say I made a BIG mess!

    My principal at the time (super ADHD himself) came over an gave me a hard time about it.. Oops. Oh well.. Then I made a really pretty flower picture for the cover of my PLC notebook.