Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sudoku Freebie!

One thing I want to do this year is introduce my students to Sudoku. (I have spent countless hours playing it in the past few years.) It's a such wonderful, mind-stimulating game that fosters critical thinking skills in students. I am posting the Sudoku pages that I put together for my own classroom. I did not make up these puzzles, just typed them up. (I wanted them to be bigger and I also added a few additonal numbers to some of the puzzles to make it a wee bit easier.) I'm posting what I made for you to use in your own classroom.

Do any of you already use Sudoku? I'd love to hear about it!

Sudoku Puzzles


  1. Hi there! My students and I just LOVE Sudoku! Last year, I taught fourth grade gifted and talented math and I used these as warm-ups, challenge centers/logic games, and as competetive games. Many students would end up carrying them from math class to lunch and then sharing them with all the other students. I ended up having to make a ton of copies! I have to admit, I just purchased a copy of "Absolutely Nasty Sudoku Puzzles" at a local wholesale club. It's great for the mind!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
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  2. I'm a subsitute teacher and I love using Sudoku as a filler. Last year I printed off an easy and a medium for a class I was subbing for, not knowing if they'd like it, and after I subbed, they always ask if I brought Sudoku with me! I think this could be used for morning owrk, fillers, a math center, the possiblities are endless!

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  3. I love using sudoku with my class. I usually use it as a fast finisher activity for my math inclined. I will teach a few kids and show them my strategies, then they become the sudoku leaders and teach others who are interested in learning.

    Thanks for sharing your boards. It is the perfect reason to try out my personal laminator I just got!

    Speaking of math workstations, I had a post I would love your feedback on if you have time. Block It Out

    Thanks again! ~Amanda
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  4. Last year was my first year teaching 3rd grade (I had previously taught K and 1) so I have never used Sudoku with my students before but I am very excited to give it a try this year. I love puzzles and numbers so to me Sudoku is perfect for me . . . I just hope my kiddos feel the same. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource!!!
    : ) Nicole

  5. I have used Sudoku for a couple of years. I build my students up by starting with a four square one, then we move on to a six square before getting to a 9 square one. The four square is a great introduction it makes them understand better what the object of the puzzle is.

    The biggest mistakes kids have with these is that they want to put a number that they "think" goes there. They must have proof before inserting a number. For this reason, before they can share an answer with the class, I remind them they must PROVE to us why that is the number.

    The other plus of 4 square sudokus is that they practice the same thinking skills in a lot less time!

    Lifelong Learning

  6. has a bunch of Sudoku puzzles! I love that they start with less numbers- instead of 1-9 in each row, you only have to get 1-4. They even have some that start with pictures, so they're ready for just about any grade level.

    My kids last year LOVED getting to "graduate" to the next hardest kind. Plus, they're GREAT for logic skills- but be prepared for one or two that just may not get it the entire time you work on them.

  7. If you like soduku...then you will love ken ken. It is the next step up. It is like Ken Ken, but the students have to use their computation skills to fill in the boxes. Here is the link:

    My kids loved getting their weekly Ken Ken challenge...and it really helps with building their facts.

  8. I'm going to use Suduko with my 3rd graders this year! I have a lot of high ability students, and they need to be challenged in different ways!

    I just started school today, but I will let you know how it works out!

    Ms. Payton

  9. If you love sudoku, you'll love kenken. It's like sudoku but incorporates addition and subtraction and multiplication. Give it a try. It's addictive.

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