Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Classroom: UPDATE!!!!

Here are some updated photos of my classroom! I have been busy the past several days putting my classroom back together AND finishing up my nightmare grad class--I even finished 5 days early so I could get a few days off before the next one starts. I was bound and determined to get my classroom finished by today so I can start working on my lesson plans. I'm about 90% there. Take a look!!!!:


 I am in the process of finishing up my Pirate Place Value unit. This will be an interactive bulletin board. (Sorry about the glare!) It says "We arrgh learnin' about place value!"

Turn to the right...

2 of my 4 computers in the corner.

View from the front of the room.

 Looking toward my desk.

Small group table, reading area and the other 2 computers.

View from my desk. The 2 black crates have stuff that needs a home in it. That's about all I have left to put away! They are sitting on top of the desk for my student teacher. (OMG, I cannot believe, though honored, that they think I am qualified enough to have TWO student teachers this year. I am still new at teaching and still learning myself!!! I would appreciate any pointers you seasoned teachers have. This will be my first experience, other than my own student teaching 6 years ago!)
My lovely lockers.

One of the nooks. Students can do partner activities or read here. The shelf will house math manipulatives and games.

One of our educational stores had a closing sale; I picked up this book rack for $15! It used to hold teacher books at the store but now it holds books for my students. I really like how it displays them! I am in the process of labeling the different genres so, in the meantime, you will see purple sticky notes everywhere! 

The other little nook. This will be for partner activities and vocabulary word display. Not exactly a word wall, but I guess you could call it that. There are more student books sorted by genres in the drawers and containers on top of the drawers. We recently had a reading specialist visit our school; she advised us to place books away from reading areas. (Can you spot the purple sticky notes?!!) I also made some of those cute little crates a lot of you have been making recently. I am not sure how well it will hold up 4th graders but I'm willing to give it a shot....

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I love how organized your classroom is! Very cute too! :)



  2. Very cute. Where did you get that awesome rug that is near your math manipulatives/cubby unit?

    Lifelong Learning

  3. Your room looks awesome! I've been working in mine and it's still a DISASTER...I have a love/hate relationship with setting up the classroom! I'm planning on making some crate seats too, although I have 5th graders and am worried they will smush those crates! Hope yours hold up!

  4. I don't get it - Why place books away from reading areas?
    Great room by the way!

  5. Wow your room i huge and so tidy- Have a great start

  6. Your room looks great! I've got to finish my room, too, before I can start on my lesson plans!


  7. It looks wonderful. I am super envious because my room is still a mess.

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  8. visiting from teaching blog addict....i LOVE how your classroom is set up!! it gives me ideas for when i eventually get a classroom.

  9. Wow...your room is really looking great! We start school next week and I am still moving stuff around. Thanks for all your inspirational pictures. I also teach 4th and I want to hear how those crates hold up!

  10. Your classroom looks so wonderful! I have a question for you though. This is my first year with my own classroom and I have tables for students, instead of desks. How do you organize their supplies and books if you don't have a desk to put them in?

    Thank you!

  11. Thanks everyone!!!! I'll (hopefully) post the final pictures tomorrow!

    My rug is from IKEA (my new favorite store!).

    Each table has a little blue bucket with the basic supplies students will need (scissors, glue). It's kind of hard to see, but underneath each table is a (blue or green) three-drawer container. I will have 3 different classes so each class will store their math folders in one drawer. On the bookshelf at the entrance of my classroom is where the textbooks will be housed.

  12. Good luck with the student teachers! I just had one for the first time last year. I tried to make her feel like she belonged as much as possible, both in the classroom and around the school. I did give her a desk area that she could call her own. I made sure that all letters that I sent home were from the "both" of us. I also made sure info about her was on my website. It was an interesting experience!

    Learning in 2nd Grade

  13. It's looking good! I teach 2nd, I don't go back officially until the 24th, but I have moved rooms for the 5th year in a row, so I'm going in tomorrow to start making sense of it! I have so much junk, uh... I mean learning materials. ;)

    Soooo jealous of your smartboard or promethian. I think I'm the only teacher in the country without one. ;)

    Love the place value arrrhhh idea!

  14. Your room is looking fabulous!!!!

  15. Agreed! Love it! So jealous--wish I could get in my room..looks like any student teacher would be lucky to be placed with you..definitely going to be a huge learning experience for them!

  16. Your room looks great! I'm so glad I found your blog. I teach 4th grade also! I'm now a follower. Good luck with your student teacher. (P.S. I have a similar rug from IKEA. I love it! It actually lasts for more than 1 year, it's bright and fun, and it's only $40. You can't beat that!!)

    The Teaching Thief

  17. Looks great! :) I am like you I plowed through a nightmare grad class to get done and worked hard to get my room done today... Ugh! :) Enjoy your few days off!

  18. Wow your classroom looks fantastic!!! I really like the idea of making seats out of crates. How did you make them so they have a "cushion" on top?

    I'm jealous, I haven't had time to start working on my room yet, they're putting the finishing touches on our building for the year! I'm getting anxious!!


  19. Your room looks fantastic! I also have a froggy themed room and I love the way your have organized everything. I hope you have a fabulous school year!!!