Saturday, August 27, 2011

Math/Science Notebooking: Part 2

In case you haven't noticed, I went ahead and added science to the Notebooking series. (I also use notebooks for science so I thought I would give tips for those too.)

When introducing and setting up the notebooks, I always go over and have students sign a list of guidelines.  (You can check it out below, two for science and one for math.) The students then glue them to the inside cover of the notebook.

I hope you find these useful!

Math Journal Guidelines

Safety Sense Contract

Science Journal Guidelines


  1. thanks for all the great ideas for math notebooks. I am going to be using them with my 3 classes of third graders. I wanted to try and do a better job of them this year, and this is a perfect way to help with that! Thanks.

  2. Love this! I teach fifth grade math/science and I also keep notebooks for both, well a binder for math. I'm changing up my math binder a bit this year and I am interested to find out what you include.

  3. Does anyone have any thoughts about how young to have them mark the pages? I will be teaching science to k-5 and last year, we had a ton of skipping around.


  4. Thank you! These are fantastic! I teach 5th grade and will use them for both Math and Science. I love these posts.

  5. Love your ideas! This is my second year doing science notebooks and my first using them in math. The math notebooks are more of a math journal, but I like the way you included a variety of things. THanks for reminding me to use foldables! Many times we discover great ideas and then they don't carry over to the next year.... I had forgotten about these wonderful things :)


  6. These are great pages! I love the rules/reasons on the math page, and the icons on the science page! If you're looking for more awesome info on science notebooking, one of my coworkers posts all about it on her blog:

  7. Look back at the reason you put for writing down what the teacher writes. I think you left out the word "that."

  8. I really like doing the math notebooks! I'm trying to re-vamp my math curriculum this year, and I think this will be a great addition!

  9. You have some awesome ideas!!! I also do journaling for math and science and have a linky party for journaling at this site:

    If you want to... link up!! I love your journal ideas especially for math!!! :)