Saturday, August 13, 2011

Classroom put back together...CHECK!

I'm 90% finished with my room! I have a few small things left to do. I am so excited to be able to work on lessons now!!! Here are my most recent photos:
Looking inside!

Star Student display on my door

 I'm so proud of my Pirate Place Value interactive bulletin board!

Student supplies


Partner work area

Fast Finisher activities

Manipulatives and games for the kiddos to access.

 Another partner work area/reading area

Please ignore the curtains that have yet to be hung :D

I didn't even think to take a picture of my small group table! It's right in front of where I was standing when I took the picture. You can see a piece of it at the bottom of the picture.

Supplies and a few more games.

This is where most of the manipulatives are stored. I also have various other activities and supplies under here. 

Another cabinet

Eeeeeevrything is labeled--that's how I roll.

Like I said.....eeeeeverything is labeled! This is my teacher closet.

Behind the black curtains (above my wall of lockers) is where I keep all of my teacher resource books.

 My clean and pretty desk :D

Inside my desk! MUST remain under control. Can't function otherwise.

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  1. Wow - looks great! Your room looks huge - your kids are very lucky that you've created such a great space for them :)

    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  2. Looks great! I'm going in today for a few hours so that I can BE DONE....with the set up anyway!!

    Quench Your First

  3. Wow! Your room looks so great! I love everything, but especially the frog stapler. Do you remember where you got that? I don't have one of those. Also, I was admiring all of your math games. I hope that as the year goes on you would be so kind to share more details about all of those great place value and fraction activities that I saw. I was new to 3rd grade last year and ELA only so this year teaching everything will be new for me. My teaching partner did say that both place value and fractions were tough for last year's kiddos. If the same is true of this year's kids I would really appreciate your guidance. Thanks again for sharing your frog-tastic room!!!

  4. Your space looks great! Your kids will love their new classroom. Thanks for sharing...I have some work to do!
    Mrs.Miner’s Monkey Business

  5. Your classroom looks amazing! I love how everything is labelled - I've just gotten into that this past term. It keeps everything so much more organised. Thanks for sharing your pics.

    Down Under Teacher

  6. I like your open bookcase for manipulatives and games. Easy access to either side and it can be a divider also- smart!

  7. Everything looks fantastic! I love how you labeled everything, I'm trying to do that this year too. Your desk is amazingly organized! I love the colors you chose for your boards too...your students are going to LOVE this room!

  8. Wow!! Your room looks fantastic! Want to come finish mine?!?!?!


  9. Your room looks lovely! So clean and simple. Your frogs at the front door are ADORABLE. So welcoming.
    Your students will love learning in this room. It looks like you're a big math person. Am I right? I see a lot of math manipulatives and such. Just an observation. Thank you for posting your pictures.
    Ms. Brown's Grade 2 Class

  10. Awesome room - great organization! I can't wait for the summer program to end so I can get mine back in shape!

  11. Your room looks amazing! I love how you label everything and how appealing everything is to adults and kids. Thanks for the idea of having activities in bags for early finishers. Love it! Have a super year!

  12. Everything looks amazing! It is all SOOO organized and fabulous! I hope that you have a great year!
    Counting with Coffee

  13. Your classroom looks great! It is so organized. I love that everything is labeled. That is how I roll too. :) I would love to be a student in your room.

  14. Your room is amazing! I'd love to know what you do on your pirate place value board.

    Pitner's Potpourri

  15. A woman after my own heart! I LOVE how organized and labeled you are! I get so teased at my school about having a "label" on everything! Love your room and really want to know where you got your Star Frog bulletin board on your front door?


  16. Love the organization! And the cute frogs :)



  17. Your room looks great! I love how everything is labeled! I'm currently in the process of going through and labeling more of my stuff...but I just feel like there's not enough time for everything ahh!!

    Your room is so big through, I'm jealous!!

    Ms. Payton

  18. Your organization is amazin. I wish I had as many manipulatives as you do! :) I would be interested in hearing how you make your place value board interactive.

  19. Oh my gosh! I can so relate to the not being able to function if things aren't organized! Many teachers tease me about being too organized, but it's just how I work. Can't help it! :)

    Your classroom looks FANTASTIC!! I love how much room you have! (A little jealous of it, too!)

  20. Your class is amazing and super organized! It's nice to see a teacher's closet so labeled...brings peace to my teaching heart! Awesome classroom!