Sunday, April 22, 2012

Whewww--It Happened!!

Well, the Everything's Intermediate Virtual Teaching Expo debuted yesterday!! I gotta say, I was SOOO nervous about it! This has been a 4 (or so) month process for me! I've never done anything like that before and I was unsure of whether or not what I had to say was beneficial to anyone. After receiving some feedback from some of you that viewed the presentation, I feel a million times better about it! I am glad that it is out there and that I no longer have to worry about it being good enough!! I found some pretty horrifying technical issues in my presentation but I think I can get over it ;) (I'm such a perfectionist, lol).

I THANK YOU all for the encouragement, support and feedback!! I TRULY appreciate it! :)

The other presenters did a fantastic job as well!! I picked up MANY new things from viewing their presentations! If you didn't get to check out the Expo but would like to, click on either image above for the information!! The good thing about it being a virtual expo is that you can view it at your leisure!

Happy Earth Day!!!!!