Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Measurement Evaluation part 2

I'm on a roll! Another action shot post!! These shots aren't the greatest--I had to squeeze between kids to get them in between helping them! :)

To finish up metric measurement we completed several measurement stations. There were 5 total stations--the students estimated and measured how far they could toss certain items, how much water they could squeeze from a sponge and the mass of a handful of pennies. The kids had SUCH a good time. They were totally engaged and even helped each other with measuring.

The kids always struggle with estimating and spatial sense--they have a hard time determining reasonable measurements. It worried me when I saw some estimate that they could throw a q-tip only 10 cm or that a handful of pennies would be 3,000 grams! I loved seeing them not only realize what was wrong with their estimate but actually apply the knowledge gained at the next station. They were able to estimate more closely and actually begin to understand the concept of 1 cm, 1 mL, and 1 gram. I am very proud. :)


  1. Great job with the stations! My son's 4th grade class did something similar to this at the start of the year and they called it the Measurement Olympics! They played the Olympic Theme Song and had medals for the ones who estimated the closest for each event! Thanks for posting :-)

    1. THAT sounds awesome!! Thanks for the idea!

  2. I love this!! I will be stealing this assessment idea! :)

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  3. You are such a fantastic teacher with amazing ideas. I cannot thank you enough for sharing all of your knowledge. I have pinned a couple of these ideas to my math board on pinterest.

    Thanks again,