Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Measurement Evaluation Part 1

According to state standards, 4th graders must be able to estimate and measure length, capacity, mass and weight using the metric and customary system. They must also be able to determine which units to use when given a situation. Last Friday the kiddos completed part 1 of the evaluation of part 2 of our measurement unit. We did part 2 of the evaluation today but I'll post about that tomorrow! :)

First we made a Venn diagram using three circles (something new for them): one for capacity, one for weight and one for length. The students each received a set of pictures and had to sort them into the proper category or categories. Example--one of the pictures was of a man running on a track. Some students just thought that picture would go with length because you can measure how far he is running; others thought length and weight because you could also measure how heavy the man is. The final thing they had to do was write which units they would use to measure. So those that chose length for the runner put miles and kilometers and those that chose weight put pounds. If you click on the pics to enlarge you should be able to see where the students wrote the units they chose on each picture. They enjoyed this activity and they really enjoyed part 2 of the evaluation that we did today. You'll have to come back tomorrow to see what it was!!

NOTE: I just picked a few examples to take pictures of--they may or may not be accurate! :)


  1. I love this! I just posted a fifth grade metric measurement centers packet to TpT based on activities I did when I was student teaching. Metric measurement was something I was dreading but it turned out to be the best lesson I have ever taught. Can't wait to see what part 2 was!

  2. As a third grade teacher with students who are struggling with similar concepts, I love how you've presented it to your fourth graders. Thanks for sharing this part. I'm excited to see part 2!

    Christi =)
    Ms. Fultz's Corner