Monday, February 20, 2012

Ice Erosion

I know, I know I NEVER post live action shots of my students. Well, here ya go! I whipped out my iPad and took some pics the other day during a science activity so I figured I might as well share them. :)

In science, we have been learning about some of the different agents of erosion. Our latest one was ice. My super awesome husband helped me with this one--he cut off the bottoms of a few water bottles, threw some gravel, dirt and water into them and froze them overnight. The next day I had several little glaciers to take to school!

I gave each group a piece of clay and had them flatten it to represent land. Then they took their "glacier", moved it across the land and observed what happened.


I know it's hard to tell the effect of the glacier on the awesomely-colored clay land but you get the idea. :) After the activity we looked at some photos of ice erosion I found from Googling. They loved this part--some pretty awesome images came up! (Don't worry, I found them ahead of time because you NEVER know what will come up on Google images!!!!)

The students also took pictures of their land with iPads. We have been collecting pictures of our weathering/erosion lab activities and examples of weathering/erosion from out in the real world (around campus) so we can make a book out of them. We are going to use the iPad StoryKit app to make it--it's free and it's really easy for kids to use. The kids will basically explain what the processes are and show pictures for each agent. We're staying pretty basic with this because this is our first real project using iPads AND because we are so behind in science--like, MONTHS. I'm sure none of you have that problem and are always on track ;)

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  1. Wow! How cool. I love taking pictures of my kids in action. Looks like you all had a blast. I agree with you about Google Images. A friend of mine last week wanted to show "Charlie Brown's Valentine's Day" on youtube from school. Thank goodness she checked ahead of time because many of them were very inappropriate...if you know what I mean. Ha! So disgusting!

    Anyway, I LOVE your blog! It's fun reading about children in older grades. I'm your newest follower!

    A Year of Many Firsts

  2. Seriously, can we be best friends?! Can we team teach please?! This is similar to my glacier lab-- SO FUN! Love the pictures of your kids actually doing the lab. I try to take pictures and I am usually really good for a few days then completely forget for like 2 months. Thanks for sharing!!

    To The Square Inch

  3. Awesome idea! I am doing this when we start our earth materials unit. Thanks.

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  4. I love doing "glaciers" with my kiddos too! Very fun!