Monday, October 17, 2011

Science Week! Day 3: Freebies (...only a few weeks late...)

Yes, this is WAAAYYYYYY late! Science Week was back in September and I kinda dropped off on postings mid-week. I wanted to post but Grad School kept me from it. :/ So here is Day 3: Freebies!!

I already posted my science notebook/journal rubric to my Teachers Notebook store, but in case you missed it you can download it by clicking on the picture below:

I taught science for my first three years, did not last year, and am teaching it again this year. I have loads of resources that I use BUT a lot of them are not ready to share because I haven't used them or even looked at them in a while. They also need to be updated. However, I looked through and found something ready to share with you!

Like many of you, in order to ensure that my science groups are being fair and that each student has a chance to participate in the activities, I use role cards. Each student is assigned a specific role for the activity. This has REALLY helped my students (especially those prone to arguing). I know this concept is nothing new to you!

I offered these as a 24-hour freebie! You can now click on the picture to view the item in my store. :D

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  1. I am posting a link to this! This is awesome!