Monday, September 26, 2011

Science Week! Day 1: Favorite Books

Day 1 of science week is about literature. I taught science my first 3 years, did not last year and am teaching it again this year. Unfortunately, the 1-year break caused me to forget a lot of the books I have used to teach science! However, there are a few I can recall. I want to share books that aren't quite as popular so that we aren't all posting the same ones (except, of course, Science Verse):

My all time favorite science book to read to my students is Science Verse by Jon Scieszka (Math Curse). Some of the concepts and terminology used is a little above my kids' heads, but they still enjoy it!

My Light by Molly Bang discusses light and energy, all from the sun's perspective. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful!

This book is also by Molly Bang (beautiful pictures in this book as well). This book describes the process of photosynthesis in a very easy-to-follow manner.

We actually don't get into ocean explorers much. In fact, our TEKS (standards) changed last year (the year I didn't teach science) so I am not even sure if we will even talk about explorers. That being said, I came across this book last year (the librarian was giving it away as a freebie) and really enjoyed it myself. I just knew that if I ever picked up science again that I would use it in my ocean unit. The pictures are beautiful (common theme of the books I read!) and the story of Jacques Cousteau is told in an interesting and easy-to-follow manner.

 Seymour Simon has tons of books that cover practically all areas of science. All of the books (that I know of) are non-fiction and include great information and vivid photographs. I would not use them as a read -aloud (unless it was only a few pages) since they can get fairly lengthy, but instead have them available for the kids to read/look at independently.

Rosalind Mist has a super series on the planets and other celestial bodies. Again, fabulous and vivid photographs and wonderful information.

(You may have noticed the two things I value in books--pretty pictures and easy-to-follow format! Keeps my kids' interest!)

I can't wait to see what books all of you post!


  1. These look like great books! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love Seymour Simon, too! His books are great and I put them on the tray of my board for the kids to look at. You are right, they would not be good as a read aloud, too long. The Science Verse is new to me, so now I am going to have to find it for my classroom library!! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I laughed when you said that Science Verse was above your kids' heads... I read Math Curse to first graders and they had noooo idea what I was talking about but they LOVED IT! Weirdos, haha!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  4. Great books!!! I have been following your blog for a bit now, and I listed you as an I Heart Your Blog! It's a fun award going around :)!

  5. I love that Jacques Cousteau book! I always wanted to read it with my kids and I never got to it. Now I don't teach science anymore, but maybe I will read it anyway :) Thanks for sharing!