Sunday, September 11, 2011

Math Magic Tricks

Isn't math just fascinating?? The way numbers work is just mind-boggling to me. I LOVE it! Ever done those little tricks, like pick a number, do this, this, and this to it and it will always equal this?? (It makes me wonder WHO IN THE WORLD had time and energy to sit there and figure those out.) Well, I took a few that I've come across and put them together as a task card center. The activity will be great to use for fast finishers or enrichment.

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  1. I play a game with my students called "Your Teacher Is A Genius" and use some of these math "tricks" with them when we need a quick fill in. I don't tell them the trick or repeat it. It is fun for them to try to prove I am not a "genius." LOL

  2. I'm having trouble inputting my email address to follow you. :-( I'm curious as to what math series you use in your fifth grade classroom.

    Your site is fantastic!!! I look forward to your posts and your creative ideas!