Saturday, January 19, 2013

FREE Font!! :)

Well, I started making fonts last summer, got them all ready to share, and then it TOTALLY got pushed to the back of my mind!! I found myself with some time to "relax" today and ended up rediscovering them! Here is one called Frogs and Cupcakes (duh):

I'm super excited to use it! Feel free to grab it and then let me know what you think! Use the font for whatever you like (commercial products, freebies, etc.); just be sure to include a link to my blog! :) Enjoy!!


  1. I like your fonts! I have been wanting to make a few of my own.

  2. Thank you for the new font. I will have to play with it later this afternoon. I just started following you today.

  3. What a cute font!!! I want to start making some, but of course I don't have enough time!! Glad that I can at least use the cute ones people like you make! :)

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  4. Love the fonts. What a fun thing to share! I like fonts that match the mood of my novel units. Taught a ghost story and used that drippy, creepy font. I am in the middle of a non-fiction business unit now, and it is Times New Roman all the way! Caitlin (