Sunday, December 23, 2012

Final, Stable Syllables--fun, fun, FUN!

Yes, I know how exciting of a topic final, stable syllables is!! :)  I actually enjoyed teaching this to my students because it really helped them to be able to decode a lot more words! They are getting so much smarter each day! In the upper grades, you do get to see the kids learn what you teach but in 1st grade, MAN, it is almost instant! The mind really is like a little sponge. I am so proud of the progress all of them have made since the beginning of the year!! :) Anyway, back to final, stable syllables--I had to come up with additional activities for my students to do to help solidify their understanding because our phonics program was NOT enough. A few activities turned into this 83-page pack! Check out a few of the pages:

You can see more by downloading the product preview from either store. Click below:

This product, along with the last three that I have posted, will be on sale from the rest of tonight through the 26th!! Take advantage and save 15%!! :)

Here are the others:

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