Sunday, December 2, 2012

50th Day FUN!! 50 days later ;)

Well, the 50th day of school has come and gone (even though I am just now posting about it). For my first graders, it was a b-l-a-s-t! And it was PERFECT timing, because the 50th day fell right in the middle of our Numeration 31-50 unit!!

Up until the 50th day, we had been working on basic counting, skip counting, and, most importantly, making groups of ten. We had counted lots of objects, such as beans, buttons, noodles, and erasers, and grouped them in tens. So when it came to the 50th day festivities, the kiddos were ready to apply their new knowledge.

To get started, I gave each student the 50th day paper. I told them that they were going to use 50 of the following items to decorate their 50:

Of each item they chose, they were allowed to get 10 to put on their 50. We discussed ways to get the 50 items. In the end, the kids decided that they would use cups to gather the items because they could make groups of ten using the cups (like we had been doing)! Then they decided that if they all used 1 cup each, it would take 5 trips to get enough of the items. {*insert clip of happy teacher dance*} So, that is what they did! They used cups to make groups and 10 and then placed the items on their 50. (By the way, they used the markers to make 10 dots. 1 marker = 10 dots, so if they chose a marker they only put one in the cup.)

My eager little shoppers:

Masterpieces in the making:

During the activity I walked around the room and visited each student several times to informally assess understanding. When they finished I asked each to count their items for me. It made me very happy to see them point to each type of item and refer to it as "10" instead of counting them all individually. For instance, a student would point to the sticker section and say "10", cheerios and say "20", beans and say "30" etc. The 50th day is definitely in my top 5 favorite days of school this year!


You can grab a copy of the activity page by clicking below:

And stay tuned, because I will be finishing and posting this winter math station pack I have been working on either tonight or tomorrow!!! :)

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