Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Math Blog Hop: Tessellations

I remember making tessellations when I was in middle school. I remember it being such a neat project and really had fun creating it. I tried it for the first time last year with my 4th graders and they loved it! I started it last week with one of my classes (my other 2 classes will start next week) and they are looking great so far! I will post the finished products for you to see in a week or two when they are finished. Check them out:

We started out with a simple 4" x 4" square......

 ...and with a translation or two turned the square into irregular shapes!

 The students translated their unique shape all over their paper to create a tessellation. (I put the original shape in the middle of the paper.)

Some traced a little more carefully than others...

 "A snooty old woman" (as described by the creator)

I thought this one would be cool as a manta ray, but this student has other plans...

A personal fav!

I cannot wait to see the final products! Hope you enjoyed! :D

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  1. Love them! I love the cartoony element that so many added. Here are some that we did:

    Thanks so much for linking to Math Monday!