Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hot Dog!

I know I have already showed you my summer pack, but I found a little something at Target to complement it and just had to share some pics! Target's Dollar Spot has fun summer food containers for just a buck! Here is my loot:

I just had to use the containers that say "Hot Dog!" on the side because, coincidentally, my game has the same title!

The students will read each word and top the hot dog ketchup if it has a long vowel sound and mustard if it has a short vowel sound.

Like so! 

If you like this activity, check out the rest of the pack!

Available to view/purchase here:

Oh, and join me and tons of other bloggers for the TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale! All of my products will be on sale! This will also apply to my TN store.

Happy Teacher Appreciation week--you deserve it!

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