Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Summertime Pack + Giveaway!

Well, we have around 25 days left--how many do you have??? I can't believe this school year is almost over! I have really enjoyed my time in 1st grade and look forward to another! :)

The stores are all geared up for summer as they have all sorts of themed merchandise out with such super fun colors! All of that inspired me to create this ULTIMATE Summertime Activity Pack!

I have been working on this since the end of March (life tends to prevent me from working on things for long periods of time!) and I am FINALLY satisfied with it and ready to share with you! :)

This MEGA pack is 353 pages of math, reading, spelling, writing, and phonics activities geared toward K-2. I just couldn't stop making activities! The pack includes:

  • Math
    • part-part-whole
    • addition and subtraction
    • problem solving
    • story board and task cards
    • hundreds chart activities
    • fact families
    • attributes of 2D and 3D figures
    • money
    • making 10s and 1s
    • building numbers
    • tally marks and graphing
    • ten-frames
  • Writing
    • summer words list
    • summer writing paper
    • writing prompts
    • graphic organizer
    • parts of speech
    • punctuation
    • compound words
    • alliteration
  • Reading/Phonics/Spelling
    • summer word searches
    • sight words
    • nonsense words
    • short and long vowel sounds
    • bossy r words
    • ABC order
    • blends
    • digraphs
  • Sensory Tub ideas and activities
Whew! I think that's it. Check out some activity pics! I don't have live action shots because I haven't printed much yet.

Multisensory activities!

Lots of math!

Lots of summer writing paper!

Gotta throw in some writing.

The grill is fired up!

Sort the bossy r words:

ABC Order: 

Those are just a few of the hundreds of pics I have of the pack!

I do have a free offering for you from the pack! :) Click below to visit one of my stores and download the preview to access the freebie and to also get a peek at the other activities in the pack.

I'm also thinking that a giveaway is a must! 3 lucky winners will receive a copy of this for free! Check it out below:


  1. Planning to go to Vegas! Would love to win!

  2. I plan on teaching summer school to get some extra money for my wedding in October...luckily it'll only be 2 days and just until 12..the rest of the time I'll be relaxing and then we're moving places in July! So it's gonna be a busy one for me!
    PS. This pack is the cutest summer pack I've ever seen! Crossing my fingers super tight!


  3. I cannot believe how many activities and pages you included in this pack!

    My summer plans involve a lot of relaxing and spending two weeks with my niece and nephew. (They used to live five houses down from me, so when they moved I was heartbroken.)

    PS: I obviously cannot type...my FB name got an extra letter tacked on the end when I entered. Sorry!

  4. LOVE THE SUMMER PACK! Spending time gardening, fun times with family, I want to do some 1:1 time with granddaughters, & relaxing....got called for jury duty 1st day of vacation :( ....wendy 1stgradefireworks@gmail.com

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  6. We're taking off for a real vacation this summer. It's Disneyworld with five kiddos. I can't wait for it to get here.

  7. Whoa for a mega pack! Our summer plans include going back to Asia for 6 weeks!


  8. After I (hopefully) do a week of summer school, I am getting married!
    Teaching in the Valley

  9. I am going to Teachers College in NYC, teaching summer school, AND moving to a new school!

    Primary Buzz

  10. I am starting my Masters' Classes this summer! Woot woot! Super excited to finally start them! :D

    WHat an AMAZING pack!! You've been very busy! :)


  11. We are planning to go to Charleston and Nashville! Can't wait for sure!

  12. Wowzaa! This pack is tremendous in size and in scope! I plan to spend my summer swimming and enjoying time with my daughter who will be home from college. Kudos to you for the amazing stamina you must have had to get this done!

  13. I can only imagine how much work you put into this pack! I am going to hang out with my little boys this summer and spend as much time as possible at the beach! Also I am going to work on my blog and plans for next year!

    The Math Maniac

  14. I plan on (hopefully) relaxing and working on a brief summer retention program. Can't wait!! ~Sara

  15. My plans are to teach summer school and then spend some time by the pool, tanning and reading :)

  16. My best friend is getting married in Italy and I am going to SURPRISE her by showing up at the same church on the same day.

    Fun huh!

    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  17. Holy moly, this is a gigantic pack! Looks like a lot of summer fun for kiddos to me!

    I'm spending my summer working 6 weekly camps aimed at strengthening math and reading skills for the districts struggling students. After that a little relaxing, camping and hiking is in order!


  18. Plan on organizing ALL of my themes by month!! Including seat work, and centers! I am making cute little envelopes to put my center stuff in. I am making them out of 3 prong folders cut into envelopes! In August, I will be visiting dear friends in Gettysburgh...other than that...I plan on organizing my classroom...FINALLY!!!

  19. I would love to get away but I will be planning and working summer school!
    bl3982@yahoo dot com

  20. My husband & I plan to travel to the southwestern US to visit national parks. dbednarsk@yahoo.com

  21. I want to do a little traveling and some serious cleaning!

  22. I am going to relax:) work a part time job that I can leave at night and not think about again until the next time I go there! Visit my family sometime. Help my daughter with her 4H projects and her little job. Plan for next year. Read some teacher books. :)

  23. This summer is going to be busy! I am looking at doing Interactive Math Notebooks with my students next year (grade 6, 7, and 8th) and am going to be hunting down everything I can to use for them next year. My district is also putting tablets in every middle schoolers hands next year so we have training for that some time too. Then I finally can relax and take a trip with the family!

  24. Oh boy...my summer is already filling up with many things to do. Our annual trip to Canada, spending time at our new cottage in Northern Michigan, organizing all of my recent TpT products, and of course RELAXING by the pool with the family!

  25. Relaxing!! Making sure my kids have FUN!

  26. I am planning on relaxing by the pool and at the beach!


  27. I am teaching math camp for 2 weeks then painting my mom's house. Then relaxing!!!!


  28. I'm teaching my same 12:1:1 class throughout the summer. No "summer slide" for my kids.

  29. Planning for next year, organizing my classroom library (does everyone else have to do this every summer??), chaperoning youth trips, traveling. :)

  30. I plan to get my house put back together after moving out for renovations and then back in all in this school year. Yeah...Fun stuff. I also plan to enjoy time with my daughter and husband as well as do some serious prep work (mainly creating!) for next year. Looking forward to it! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

  31. I plan on resting and relaxing! I also plan on doing some much needed house work! amandalawson4@gmail.com

  32. Hello!! I,m going home with my family!! I,m trying to spend most of my summer in Spain and looking for new materials to bring me back with... Can,t disconnect from school! Love it! And I,m also trying to improve my blog...