Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Math Block Mini-Series {Part 2}

Yesterday, I began this mini-series on my math block. (Click here in case you missed the first post.) I gave you an overview of calendar time yesterday; in today's post, I will show you the components on the calendar board.

Ahhhhh, calendar. Again, one of my favorite times of day. As my students have grown and changed, so has our calendar time. This was our calendar area back in September on the 14th day of school:

And here it was two weeks ago, on the 119th day of school:

Quite a difference!! Here is what everything on the board is for (minus the obvious):

The Calendar

I custom-made the days of the week labels on the calendar. I used to use velcro to attach the number cards and it worked just fine. However, this month we started doing something different with the pattern, so I needed some sort of clip that the number cards would easily slide into. I couldn't find any from our local teacher store, so I had to improvise!

And the BEST part is the clips match my color scheme perfectly. And I got to make another pattern. Double rainbow.


Hundreds Chart

Odd and Even/Days in School/Money/Mystery Number/Birthdays

Come back tomorrow and I will describe each component and our routine! :)


  1. Wow! Your calendar area is so big! My room design is so awful. The one bulletin board I can do calendar at has computer plugs right in the middle of it. Seriously!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. Great to have one wall where all those things can be together. It looks like you have a lot up there without it being overwhelming!

    The Math Maniac

  3. Did you create all of your calendar signs? If so, do you have it shared anywhere? I love your area!

    1. I did create them all! I made most of the components as the year went on so I haven't packaged them all together in one set yet. My CCBB Calendar Set includes the calendar numbers, days of the week and month, and the tomorrow, today, and yesterday signs. I also have the same components available in jungle and ocean themes. Thanks for stopping by and reminding me about one of my to-do list entries!