Saturday, November 24, 2012

MORE Writing Freebies!

Happy Saturday evening!!

I hope you had a chance to comment and win a FREE copy of my Magic e Activity Pack! If not, click here to head on over to the post.

Speaking of free, I have some freebie writing activities to share with you. You may recall this Finger Spacing Sort I posted a few months ago. Well, I created one just like it when we introduced capital letters at the beginning of sentences. It was a nice and quick assessment of their understanding. Grab your copy below!

Also, I made a Personal Word Wall to go into our Writer's Notebooks. The students will add names and other words that they frequently use. It serves as a quick reference for them. (My students were very excited about this, by the way! So excited that we now have to go back and reinforce the importance of spelling the words correctly when you add them to the page!) :) You can grab a copy of this as well! It is meant to be copied front-to-back and then hole-punched, so I adjusted the margins accordingly.

Oh, and don't forget about the TN sale and the TPT sale!! You can save all sorts of money! And my shops are both 20% off! :)


  1. Hi Janaye! I love the capitalization activity but I am not seeing any way to download it. Am I missing the place to click? Thanks for your help and your freebies!

    1. Fixed! The width of the document frame was a little too large. :)

  2. That's a great storage idea! Are your writer's notebooks interactive like the math notebooks you posted about before? Do you still do the notebooks now that you teach first grade?? Glad to have you back!!


  3. Incredible! I love your products!

    It's All Elementary!