Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tangrams Unit Giveaway Winners!

Alright, I am FINISHED with the Tangrams Unit!!! It has been uploaded to my Teachers Notebook store and my TPT store. I am very excited about it, especially since I will be using it in my own classroom next week! I'm glad to see that so many of you were excited about it as well. I hope it meets your standards. :) SO anyway, here are the three random winners (with the help of

jcwalrus, please email me so I have your email address!! :)

Congrats to you three!! I hope you enjoy!!!


  1. I AM SUPER EXCITED to see that I won a free copy of your tangram unit. I will look forward to the email. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us. Your materials give my 4th grade math lessons the extra I need to make them more meaningful and fun! I am so happy to have found your Blog.

  2. Hey! I changed the name of my blog piece-of-cupcake-life! Here's my brand spankin new URL!

    Check it out!

    -Melissa :)

  3. Thank you for sharing the Tangram Unit with me. I have looked it over and it is absolutely WONDERFUL. You are very creative and I know my students will love working with your materials. This is a complete unit that will require little preparation from me. My class and I have all ready used several of your other items. I am always looking forward to what you will do next. Thank you!!

  4. My email address is:

    Looking forward to receiving my Tangram Unit!