Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Day in My Shoes

I'm joining this super fun linky party hosted by The Adventures of a Sixth Grade Teacher!

This one is based on my Tuesday!

5:40   First of my two pre-alarm alarms go off--I have to have warning before I get up!!

6:00   Second pre-alarm alarm goes off--the next one is the real one!

6:30   Alarm goes off--time to hit snooze.

6:39   Tempted to hit snooze again but I really gotta get to school! We only have one copy machine...

6:39-6:49   Get ready and head out--I'm a night shower-er so I have more time to sleep in the morning :). I also don't own make-up so that saves time too! Tell husband good-bye, but don't dare wake the baby...

6:57   Load arms and haul my weekend shopping bags into school.

7:00   Arrive at school, set all 90 bags I'm carrying down, turn on lamps, student computers and my computer.

7:05   Head to copy room to make copies for the 3rd reteach lesson I planned over the weekend.

7:08   Leave copy room and head back to classroom to grab the pages I need to copy!! Head back.

7:15   Head to another teacher's classroom--I am her official mentor (I actually mentor three new teachers which is strange because I think only 4 years under your belt like I have is still new!) and we have to meet weekly. This is a fun one :)

7:45   Leave meeting to get book I forgot to give her--see one of my kids on the way walking to the 4th grade waiting area and instruct him to get the class and head to the classroom. Head back to drop off book.

7:50   Stop in and talk to the librarian about Dr. Seuss day plans.

7:55   Wonder where my class is when I get back to the room--I don't see the kid I ran into or the others I know are in the waiting area...

8:00   Head to waiting area and find my class still waiting. Apparently the kid I ran into wasn't fully awake yet and didn't remember the conversation we just had.

8:07   Class is in, I unpack while reminding them what they are supposed to be doing....for the 6th time....Check voicemail from a teacher having printer problems.

8:10  Realize that I don't have marbles to complete the marble painting art project I planned for my awesome all-work-turned-in kids. Start calling other teachers!

8:15   NO marbles anywhere--time to improvise!! I decide upon thumbtacks.

8:20-8:35   Pass out missing work and rework, get my awesome kids started on the art project. (This is supposed to be science time--not today!)

8:35   Pack up and get ready to switch classes.

8:43   Let the sub from my next class know that we were supposed to switch 3 minutes ago.

8:45-9:15   1st math class in--work on problem solving, introduce two new fact practice games and complete daily fact drill.

9:15-10:20   Reteach equivalent fractions and mixed numbers for the 3rd time with 4 phone interruptions and 1 visitor. Good lesson though and I am fairly confident that they FINALLY get it this time!

10:20   FINALLY come to a stopping point, but not soon enough! Remind students of the fraction project they received last week that is due this Friday. Remind half of them what it looks like.

10:24   Line kids up and check all of them to make sure they have homework, rework and project papers in hand. Instruct the 6 that "lost" theirs to come get it after school.

10:25   Switch classes--2nd math class comes in.

10:25-10:50   Work on problem solving, introduce two new fact practice games and complete daily fact drill.

10:50-11:45   Reteach equivalent fractions and mixed numbers for the 3rd time. Bang head on desk a few times.

11:45-11:53   Wrap it up and breathe. This was not a very successful class period.

11:53    Line kids up and check all of them to make sure they have homework, rework and project papers in hand. None lost in this class!

11:55-12:00   Switch classes. Get my homeroom back.

12:00-12:07   Indoor recess because I need those 7 minutes to catch up!! Return phone call from this morning about printer problems. Whoops.

12:07-12:15   Take students to lunch and buy my taco salad--it's Taco Tuesday!!

12:15-12:17   I promised the kids lunch in the classroom for a week as part of an incentive last week. Enjoy 2 minutes of peace while they are still in the lunch line.

12:17-12:38   Kids come in, eat lunch.

12:40   Drop off kids at P.E./Music.

12:40-1:25   TRY to be productive but end up not getting much done during planning period due to finishing up last minute phone calls to parents about tutoring that starts today after school. This would be a much easier process if 10 of the 20 had working phone numbers...

1:25   Pick up kids and bring them back to classroom. Make them clean up the MESS they left on the floor from lunch that I didn't notice until they had left the room.

1:25-1:35   Work on problem solving, introduce two new fact practice games and complete daily fact drill.

1:35-2:45   Reteach equivalent fractions and mixed numbers for the 3rd time while finishing up tutoring business. Hand-write tutoring schedules for all of my math kids (while I'm teaching...that's how I roll) so they know exactlty where to go, when and for how long. The schedule for math is VERY complicated. Good lesson though! They got it!!

2:50-2:55   Homework time for the kids and tutoring schedule delivery time for me!

2:55-3:00   Call students to pack up and line up. Remind them and figure out who is going where for tutoring.

3:00-3:10   Send kids to where they are supposed to go. Consult one of my math group's tutors (who happen to be my two former student teachers).

3:10-3:45   Team tutor my own group with the special ed teacher while checking on the other math tutoring group I am responsible for (the one mentioned above; they are using my classroom to tutor whole I am in the special ed room). Talk to three parents and principal about the kids in attendance who do not have permission slips but parent permission. Allow two to leave early because of this.

3:45   Dismiss my group, Check on other group again. This group will from 3-4:45p.m. Mondays-Thursdays. (It is an intense intervention program to get my kids closer to where they need to be.)

3:45-4:00   Prepare for tomorrow while watching the tutors interact with the group. They are doing a fine job.

4:00-4:15   Look at the clock and wish I was leaving. Finish cleaning off my desk and preparing.

4:15   Head to get my baby from daycare.

4:30   Arrive, wait for her to finish watching her Elmo episode in her classroom. Head home.

4:45   Realize I forgot something at school right after getting home and head back! Looks like tonight's dinner for us is fast food! Run a few errands.

6:00   Back at home, feed and entertain my baby until 7:00 bedtime.

7:15   Finally convince her to go to bed. Read Hop on Pop and various other Dr. Seuss books. She's a big fan.

7:45   Leave her room, laptop out and into blog world! After a shower I spend the next three hours multitasking--grading, pinning, putting in grades, blogging, and working on grad school work.

10:45  Husband home from work, time for bed!

11:30  Finally going to sleep after checking Pinterest ONE last time.........convince self that tomorrow will be the day I go to bed early.

Congrats to you, if you made it his far!!


  1. Your morning sounds just like mine. I also like to be a night shower-er and I wear VERY little make up! Like powder most days. yeah. lol

    Ginger Snaps

  2. Love that we all live in the same crazy world! I do my makeup in the car on the way ;)

  3. Girl, I have warning alarms too! Three of them :) And I'm also a night shower-er, sooo much easier!! Maybe just a quick rinse in the morning, but DEF. no hair styling!!!

    Oh, and I'm a new follower :)

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  4. I LOVED this post. I was laughing by the time you went back to get the papers you needed to copy.
    And... tomorrow I am teaching adding/subtracting mixed number fractions--for the fourth time!

    Thanks for the smile!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  5. I am still amazed at how you manage to get so much done in a day!!! Thank you for being so awesome and for being such a great friend!!! See you tomorrow!

  6. I am so with you on the no makeup thing! It makes life so much easier. I cannot believe how much you do in one day. I wish I had a mentor teacher, but I do not. Luckily, there are several who are willing to help, but one that I know I could count on all of the time would be nice.

    Thanks so much for linking up!
    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  7. Wow it sounds pretty busy! I just found your blog on Pinterest. I was searching for fourth grade because I just got my placement for the semester (I'm a junior elementary education major with middle school math) today and found out that I'm in fourth grade and wanted ideas and to see what it's all about :) I know fourth grade has to be different than how I remember it. So do you just teach math then?

  8. I feel like I have been reteaching equivalent fractions for two full years. You seem like you have a super busy day! I loved reading all about it though :)
    To The Square Inch