Sunday, June 26, 2011

Read-Along Questions

Mrs. Lyons is hosting a linky party to kick-start the The Book Whisperer Read-Along! It starts TOMORROW! She asked the author of the book a few questions; here are my responses to the same questions:

1) What is your favourite book (or series) from childhood? I was SUCH an avid reader when I was a child. Some of my favorites were The Wayside School series, Number the Stars, Goosebumps and anything else written by R.L. Stine.

2) What is your favourite book (or series) now? I actually don't read as much now...the most recent series I've read was the Shopaholic series. I was talked into reading them and turned out really enjoying it! I was surprised because the books are the complete opposite of me as a person (not a girly-girl and not into chick flicks or chick lit).

3) What is your opinion of e-readers? An AWESOME idea and giant step forward for us but I will never get tired of the feeling of turning pages and being able to highlight and write as I please.

4) Finish this sentence: "On Sundays I like to..." Go to church with my family, relax, and prepare for the week.

5) Describe yourself in 5 words! Organized, colorful, spontaneous, easy-going, go-getter.

6) Hardcover or paperback? Why? Either! I kind of like bending a book's cover while reading, but I really have no preference either way.

7) Coffee or Tea? Neither! Not a fan!

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  1. I loved number the stars still do have a very worn and tattered copy for my girls to read when they are old enough.